Selfie of Jenny and Julie Before Vigil for Drug OD

I got to sing for a very meaningful event on Sunday night this week: a Vigil for the survivors of Drug Overdose here in Billerica.

It took place on the Billerica Common and was led in a heartfelt way by Reverend Katherine Adams from the First Congregational Church in Billerica.  Katherine is my friend and voice student and when she asked me to sing I was pleased to take part.

The event started with a gathering at the library where people wrote names of loved ones they’d lost to drug tragedy on small pieces of paper. After some words there they walked over to the common where I waited with my cousin Jenny Huang-Dale who was visiting me for the day and agreed to sing some harmony for me.

We started the vigil on the Common with Jenny and I singing my new song: “The Little I’ve Got I’ll Give” that I had written that day especially for this event.  It’s wonderful how God sometimes just drops an inspiration onto my head! I got an text from Katherine suggesting I sing “Amazing Grace” and a special version of “Kumbayah”- To which I replied: “It sounds a bit 60’s, could we add something current in there, too”  She said- “What did you have in mind?”- and the muse took off!

The song was written in less than an hour and then Jenny came to visit me after a Chinese test she had had to take in Boston that day, (She normally lives in Maine).  I asked if she’d like to hear the new song- and then she encouraged me to play it more (which was good since I didn’t want to mess it up!) But along the way she came up with some pretty harmonies and I asked her to join me that night.

Anyway, back to the Vigil.  We sang the song- it was rather dark and I had some trouble seeing the frets on my guitar- but I think it came off well:) And some people shared some thoughts and readings.  Then all those names on papers were tossed into a metal bowl and set to flame… Kind of like putting them before God.

We lit candles and I led on guitar as we all sang
“Amazing Grace” and “Kumbayah” (Someone’s addicted, Lord…) And Katherine said a prayer and we were done.

I pray comfort was given to those who were suffering loss and hope to those fighting to free others from addiction.

I am grateful to use my gifts in meaningful ways.  Katherine has invited me to sing for several such events, as well as prison ministry and singing for funeral services.  Thank you to Katherine Adams for that blessing.

May God use me to comfort others in these ways and others with my music always!

 Lyrics for “What Little I’ve Got” by Julie Kinscheck c2014

A) REFRAIN: What Little I’ve got-  I’ll give

So they can live a better life today

I may be not someone of wealth and fame

But I can act and pray


B) On the things I believe

That are good and true

Giving life  giving hope

With the things I do


REFRAIN: What Little I’ve got-  I’ll give

So they can live a better life today


A) I will not forget the loved

That I have lost

They live on in my heart

And I will not let the pain

To steal my joy

From my memories saved liked like art


B) While their colors of life

Paint a masterpiece

To be cherished by those

That following their feet


REFRAIN: What Little I’ve got-  I’ll give

So they can live a better life today


A) Whatever I’ve learned I’ll share

With those who care to follow in my path

Tomorrow will come with challenges it’s own

But I’ll take time to laugh


B) And to Sing out with light

Shining form the hope

That we can make a change


REFRAIN: What Little I’ve got-  I’ll give

So they can live a better life today