First of all: A belated Merry Christmas to you all and as Happy New Year!!!

Christmas Picture 2014

Thanks for reading and thanks for caring about me, my career, my music, my family… you are the best!

This has been a full year of music, praise, gigs, challenges, family, cats, students, blessings… We even put our latest CD Let My Light Shine out to the public (get one for yourself or a friend HERE)

Below are only a few of my favorite musical moments… there were so many more… Enjoy these.

Top 10 Favorite Musical Moments of 2014!

10. Singing the Star Spangled Banner at a political event and having so many of you excited to buy my CDs!

National Anthem

9. Singing “Let it Go” at a children’s Birthday Party and watching the crowd go wild!

8. Watching my son sing a solo with his school choir on “My Wish” – Proud Mama was in tears!

Caleb in "I Wish" Solo

7. Watching my daughter sing “Mercedes Benz” in the school talents show- What a performer- Proud Mama back again!

Hannah and Daddy after Talent Show 2014 as Janis Joplin

6. Hearing the sweet sounds of “Happy Birthday” while celebrating 50 plus 1 at a wonderful party in my backyard with great friends and the most awesome cake with my Let My Light Shine CD cover in it in frosting made by my friend Susan Dunsford!


Let Your Light Shine cake!

5. Watching my twins and their friends sing our song ” Preteen Alliance” from our The Force CD at church and rock out for Jesus!

Here’s an mp3 from the original version of preteen alliance- the kids did a hipped up dance version!

 Preteen Alliance

4. Singing/ playing our song: ” Hope Faith Love” from our Let My Light Shine CD at the Chicago Church of Christ” worship service while visiting Dave Eastman’s ministry with a bunch of awesome back up singers to a really enthusiastic congregation!

Hope Faith Love


Julie With Guitarist/ composer Steve Pederson after service in Chicago

3. Singing ” Silent Night/ Peace Peace” with my largest Christmas Recital of private students ever! I felt so blessed! And it sounded so beautiful!

2014 A Kinscheck Student Christmas -Group shot

2.  Jamming on Christmas carols with my brother Chris on bass (you should have heard his bass solo on “Hark the Herald Angels sing!”!) and my brother Gary on a single snare drum (His “Little Drummer Boy” what so tasty!) and my son and I guitar and my whole family (Including my Dad’s rich baritone!) singing in harmony!!!!! Wow! That was wonderful!

Gary Gibbons Jamming on "Little Drummer Boy"Chris Gibbons, Julie and Caleb on "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"

1. Hannah and I singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” at Emerson Hospital on Christmas Day as we came to take Mom home!

Mom caleb and Hannah in hospital Christmas Eve

This was a different Christmas at the Kinscheck home- my Mom came down with Pneumonia and we celebrated one round of Christmas at Emerson Hospital on Christmas Eve! But my favorite Christmas present was her doctor (and God) allowing Mom to come home on Christmas Day!

There were many other marvelous moments in 2014 singing and playing with our church praise band, playing private parties and conferences.

I also loved singing on Sheila Profenna’s tv show “All About Jesus”- and recording a couple great videos!