So I enjoyed singing at the Parish Arts Center Last weekend!

I was the featured artist for the evening. They did a pass the hat which surprisingly brought in about $100! I was pleasantly surprised! But I did feel a bit like an alien…

You see, I was there in my bright blue and purple flowing jacket that  almost looks like a choir robe, at home I thought: “It’s at an arts center, I should look artsy!” Well, I was certainly the only one who thought that. Everyone else singing or playing was in jeans and some variation on a T-shirt or casual winter attire.  But Hey, that’s me! But clothing wasn’t the only thing that made me seem different…

Almost everyone else sang very basic folk songs. A few had very good voices, or had some good guitar skills, most were very amateur; But then again, if they were professionals, they probably wouldn’t be there, so BRAVO for their courage to get out and get some experience! This is not a slight on anyone else- It’s just that I got up and sang my version of Gospel, folk and jazz and I think some of them out in that audience were not getting me at all.  Have you ever sung for a crowd and felt so wonderfully connected- like they loved what you were doing and were so with you? Glorious! Then there are other times when you wonder WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! This was probably somewhere in between- but leaning toward the latter.  I even gave away a free CD and I think the person left it on the table when they left! Ok, maybe they don’t have a CD player any more?

Anyway, I need to thank my student Andrew for coming out to play a song and give me some company! We got to be oddballs together since he sang an 80’s tune with a keyboard! Loved it!

The next time I play a solo show of my own material, I need you to come! I know you will “Get me!” Thanks again for sticking by me- and reading this blog!

Hugs and prayers!