Ok- So I am over 40… but I wasn’t singing Christian music 40 years ago! I was this cute little folky singer/ guitarist in upstate NY. But 40 years ago was the beginning of the Boston Church of Christ, and they were certainly singing praises in that living room with 30 young disciples in Lexington, MA! But I have been singing praises for 28 years! And I had the blessing of singing on the praise team for this marvelous event celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Boston Church of Christ!
Now if you know me, you know I love to play my own music, I love to SCAT sing, I play guitar- none of which you will see here. But there was a joy, a unity- a spirit amongst the musicians and singers on this service that was so very special! Maybe because we all felt so strongly about how right it was to use our talents for this day!

Above you see lots of folks, largest are my friend and fabulous vocalist Morgan Minsk (listen for her version of “Remember the Lord” near the beginning of this video) on the left in blue, me in the center and to the right, theater tenor extraordinaire, Jim Cafarella (also a current member of the Harmony Jewels A cappella group). We are singing a favorite of mine here: “I Hear God Singing to Me!” (Around 44:26 on video below)- that song was supposed to be at our wedding- but I was late and it got cut, long story for another day! (Just make sure your limo driver has a working phone and uses WAZE! Neither were true of that day- but WAZE didn’t exist yet and- I digress!)

Oh- Another good spot to check out on this video is “Radical Love”! (2 min 49 seconds). I remember the live video we did of this. We were singing at the old Great Woods Area! You can see some of it in the back ground behind us playing on stage … Memories!

Partial Live Stream of the Service and Music

On September 8th, 2020 thousands of Christians came together at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, MA to celebrate 40 years since the beginning of the Boston Church of Christ! The church started in 1979 with 30 people and has since spread to well over 600 churches around the world! I joined the family at my baptism on January 6th, 1991 and I have never turned back!  Before I opened my heart to learn about the scriptures I was tough, lonely and extremely self- centered. Yeah I wanted to do good things with my music, but I had no idea how to make a difference.  God gave me purpose, friendship, grace and ultimately truth! There is a vitality here of Christians really seeking a relationship with God Almighty and trying their very best to follow the teachings from the Bible that we preach. I can smell a hypocrite from a long way off! These folks are the “real deal.”

Morgan Minsk & Julie Kinscheck, See Joe Galeota on drums and Chris Costello on bass in the background
Diana Botello & Julie Kinscheck
Upper right is me singing with my dear friend and fantastic vocalist Diana Botello (Part of my Harmony Jewels A cappella group!)
We have had some big time struggles as a movement over the years- (Which were not glossed over in the sermons and speeches at this event, some of which you can see in this video below- since the video is only 1:30 hours of a 2:30 hour event) and I also have personally had many challenges, too. These struggles have challenged my/ our faith, some have walked away… God has “pruned us” like a fig tree; some have made big mistakes, sin happens in the world of humans… I have been jealous, hurt others, been hurt… welcome to life on Earth, but whether pursuing a music career or whatever your pleasure the secret is turning to God at the hard times instead of running away.
Ralph Kinscheck (My hubby – above) and I got to share the stage on this event! Here is Ralph playing keys on “Majestic” which is unfortunately not on the video above- But look at my man praising and jamming!  The lead singer on this song was Rich Evans (below)- I look so tiny next to him (haha!)!
The music business (or probably any business) can be ruthless. Add to that how crazy prideful and self centered most of us artists are and you get a recipe for condescension, Jealousy, insecurity, mixed up priorities, immorality and so much more ugliness. I was in the middle of it! In fact, I carried some of it into my Christian life and God and faithful friends have helped me to see things, repent and move forward. Praise Jesus! I am no longer alone in my struggles- or my joys! I have God and his family the church. So I sing praises to Him- and for the church that brought me to him 28 years ago! I wish you could have been there! But check some of it out on this video and join us for a service. The location is usually on my calendar if you go to the Calendar button since I sing/ play there most weeks.

Here is a song I wrote in honor of the event: “Generation to Generation” Unplugged at home style!

And please keep in prayer the progress of our new album “Come to Show You Love” (Working Title) and my book project: Vocal Training for Praise Singers. (For more info about Voice or guitar lessons you can go to the Lessons tab here or to my teacher facebook page : Julie Kinscheck Voice and Guitar Teacher or youtube channel: Julie Kinscheck Voice Teacher.)