Ralph and I are singing at a fundraiser this coming Saturday night: 7-9 pm, March 3rd at the YMCA 129 Haverhill St, Methuen, MA. It will benefit a free hospital in Cambodia. Please come see us and the numerous other marvelous performers- including Morgan Minsk and Dana Schmitz!

One of the songs we will likely be playing is our brand new “hit” “I Still Do”- a love song I recently wrote for Ralph!

One of my favorite charities is called HOPEworldwide! I have volunteered for them for over 20 years now doing everything from cleaning up neighborhood trash to distributing fire safety information, to walking or biking to raise money for their incredible programs around the world.  They do such AMAZING job helping the poor and needy around the globe! And have been “Johnny on the spot” after so many natural disasters!

HOPE built and staffs the hospital in Cambodia that we are supporting this coming weekend!

For more info please go to my calendar!

See you there!