Luxurious Main Coon
This is Mit Mit!

RIP Mit Mit, Mitty Kitty, Ralph’s Puppy, my Fuzzy Girl!

I will miss you! Miss you curling up on my chest at night. Your loud purr!
Your distinctive Meow when you were hungry; how you loved to drink from the running faucet!

You were my friend! You had so many great qualities that we could wish some people had! We had conversations.

Mit Mit had character!
She had been on hyper thyroid medication twice a day for over a year. But in general she dealt with it very well.  She started being crazy picky about her food the last month or so and I noticed she was barely eating the last few days… therefore not getting her meds either- And getting lighter and lighter. I was going to take her to the vet tomorrow! She was making strange sounds today and seemed to barely be able to get up. But she still purred when I put her on my shoulder. I even told Ralph I thought she was dying- I don’t know how I knew. But I just wasn’t ready for it to happen today while I was chaperoning teens at 6 flags. My heart breaks!!!!

She loved us from the start to the finish!
She had been through so much with us since when she picked us out at North Shore Animal shelter! She probably had a rough start.  A rescue kitty. We took her home on the rebound; Ralph healing from the loss of his big Orange Tom cat, Friskie, he had had for 12 years or so and into the first few years of our marriage. She was so cute and silly! We called her “Mischief” at first. But she had these boots… sort of like mittens- the name morphed to Mit Mit!

Mit Mit as a kitten
She was our first child when we struggled with infertility. And she was there enduring the shift when the twins were born and she was no longer the total center of attention- and then toddlers over-exuberance with “kitty” ( Hannah’s first word after Mama and Dada!)… She rolled with changes!
Newborn Twins Caleb and Hannah
She survived the preschool twins only to have to adjust to us bringing 2 more cats into the house… first the antagonizing Lizzy kitten
Lizzy Kitten w Hannah
and then the big bold stray Archy! She remained the dominant queen. Everyone knew who was boss. She had class!
Archy at Christmas
She went through that period when her beautiful long Main Coon fur got matted and caused her much pain- and she got MEAN! We weren’t sure if we could keep her until our friend Sharon Dietz DuBois suggested she get a lion cut! It resolved the problem and brought back our sweet cat. She repented!
Mit Mit with her Lion Cut!
But she was always a character! She liked to have her head and ears scratched- but Ralph was the only one who could rub her tummy! If anyone else did it, get ready to be slashed! Some babysitters were afraid of her and she enjoyed her control! I remember one sitter hiding in our bedroom when we came home. Mit Mit stalked the hall! I felt so bad! She adored some of my students, like Sheryl Flynn Grant. She could tell a cat lover!
Mit Mit “Don’t mess with me!”
Near the end we couldn’t leave a rug or towel on the floor without her ” marking it.” It became quite a frustration. Then she peed inside Ralph’s gym bag… what was she thinking? But we loved her dearly.
Mit Mit knew how to relax!
I cry happy tears as I think of her on her hind legs- even as an old lady with arthritis in her hips, expectantly begging for a treat. Then afterwards, I would put her up on my shoulder and she would rub her face against my cheek and purr and maybe even give me a little kitty kiss.

I will miss you always, my little feline daughter.😻❤️❤️❤️😇😪

Mit Mit straight on