After the horrible events on Marathon Monday many of us around the Boston region were hurting. Not only those in the hospitals, or those who personally knew some of the bomb victims, but every day folks were afraid, angry and not knowing what to do with their emotions. This was too close to home; it was home. Our home was horribly violated.

Katherine Adams from the First Congregational Church in Billerica leading devotional with Julie Kinscheck leading singing

In the wake of these events Katherine Adams from the First Congregational Church of Billerica pulled together clergy from some 9 different Billerica churches and invited them to join in a vigil on Tuesday, April 16th at the town square. I was asked to lead the singing with my guitar. I was still quite sick with some nasty cold bug which had descended into my throat- but I said yes; how could I not.

Here’s a link to a video clip the Lowell Sun put on it’s website.

The gathering was so unifying for the community. I led three songs: “America The Beautiful”, “Let There Be Peace” and “Amazing Grace”… in between there were spontaneous prayers from  anyone who wished to speak up. Some sounded very planned and were full of thee’s and thou’s, others very very simple, as if the giver wasn’t used to praying out loud- it was special.

I prayed with my arms up to heaven. “God protect Boston… And help the perpetrators to repent!”

Now, days later and the two suspects either caught or dead, many can sleep well.

But we know we are in a spiritual battle! That is why we go forward- praying, holding each others’ arms up and making art to move the heart.