Hi Friends and Fans!  So life for us musicians (and you, too I expect!) has been pretty uncertain in a lot of ways over the last couple of months! Almost all of my live shows have cancelled, I have lost half of my private voice and guitar students! Despite what the news says, I have had all kinds of trouble trying to get unemployment as a self employed person (because I also work for a school part time… they don’t understand us hybrids!) and have gotten no assistance there- And WHERE are those stimulus checks everyone else seems to be getting? At least I am not sick, but I could certainly find things to complain about if I wanted to…   Can you relate?

I have continued to teach at St. Ann’s Home School

as their music teacher twice a week. I guess that makes me a “front line worker!” Right now we teach the resident kids (Many in the foster system not adopted) live (and well spread out) and the Day students over Google Meet at the same time. A few people have tested positive and very tight safety regulations are in place. It’s tense. Trying bring some joy to these at risk kids without being able to sing or use instruments! It’s hard! I hate teaching wearing a mask! I can’t breath! It’s so hard wearing it just to go to the super Market!

To add to that, some devious person hacked my fan email (julieksings@hotmail.com) and was receiving all kinds (over 1200 emails in the last 2 months!) of classified international government emails!!! I spent a bunch of time today reporting it to the FBI! -Oh and did I mention 2 different creeps almost scammed me into thinking they were legitimate parents of students wanting new lessons (until we got to the part about “I’ll send you a check for $1250 and then you transfer me the balance!!!!)! HELP!!!! How awful that there are so many that would take advantage of us poor musicians and music teachers! Has anyone tried to take advantage of you during this time?

There have been some heart breaking things during this time

Did I say that my family and I are healthy? (Aside from some extra stress related tight shoulder muscles!) I can’t be thankful enough that during this scary time, we are all ok! That should be enough to Praise God for! Priorities! Let me take a moment to say that I am grieving with you if you have lost a loved one during this time. Just yesterday a dear friend and brother of mine, Daryl Maston passed away. He was the director of the South Central Mass Gospel Choir. He had hired me a bunch of years back to give group vocal training to his group.

Many of the singers ended up taking private’s e lessons from me. The last contact I had with Daryl was just this march when he excitedly shared how he couldn’t wait to read my Vocal Training for Praise Singers Book when it came out. Guess he won’t need vocal training in heaven… we will be all singing with the angels! “I Can Only Imagine!”


Every week for the last nine weeks I have performed a live concert Sunday nights on Facebook!

The first couple were attempts to create some shows to make up for some live shows that got cancelled at nursing homes. It didn’t work too well… too many technical troubles and concerns about bringing the residents together to even watch a virtual show… But I am super grateful to Jocelyn at Haverhill Crossing who has consistently hired me to send her pre-recorded shows at this time to share with the residents in their rooms! (Though the amount of time spent editing the shows way makes up for the time traveling and doing the live shows on location!) In April I tried doing the “Worship with Julie” shows on my Facebook friend page. That was going pretty well, but the personal pages aren’t set up well for advertising so

I switched to my Business Page: www.facebook.com/QueenOfSCAT

For my May “Coffeehouse Worship with Julie” Series at 5pm on Sundays!

Over the last few weeks I have apparently reached over 7000 people with these concerts! (Not sure how many of those watched more than a minute) but that is pretty exciting!

Let me take a moment to thank a few people who have come out to a bunch of my shows!

While I encourage you with contemporary, traditional and original worship music- your very presence brings a smile to my heart! Thank you to Dorothea Cassidy, Ron DiBerto, Christine Arsenault, Sheila Dorman, Kathleen Johnson, Sharon Dolph, Carlo Catallinic, Sokhonny Gnem, Gwen Jones, Erin Chapman, Daniel Gorlich… Who have come to numerous of my shows! If I missed some of my regulars fans, please forgive me!

You can watch any of the shows after the fact is you are on Facebook.

Here’s a little taste: American Memory with a special COVID-19 verse.

May 3rd Concert

Songs Included: “How Great is our God”, “ You Say”, “ Way maker”, “Let My Light Shine”, “Coffee Song”, “Precious Lord”, “ Jesus is GonnaFix It”, “ I Surrender”, “Come to Show You Love” and “ You’ve Got a Friend”<

May 10th: Mother’s Day Concert

Songs: “Love Life Like I Should”, “Love is Wild”, “Mary Did you Know”, “Precious”, “, I’m A Mess”, “Martha Martha”, “How Great Thou Art”, “Untitled Hymn”, “Wade In The Water”, “Masterpiece”, “Way Maker”, “Time To Call Mom”

May 17 2020 Coffeehouse for HOPE (Special Guest Ralph Kinscheck)

Coffeehouse for HOPE Songs included: “Oceans”, “Our God”, “Hope Faith Love”, “I Can Only Imagine”, “My Jesus I Love Thee”, “Jesus Wept”, “A Faithful Witness”, “Lead Me To The Cross”, “American Memory”, “Forever (We Sing Hallelujah)” & “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)”

This last weeks concert was focussed on encouraging folks to support the wonderful benevolent work that HOPE worldwide

is doing to feed the hungry during this pandemic. If you still would like to support my efforts go to this link! Here’s a picture of me and my kids doing our 5K Walk for HOPE around our neighborhood!