Some have said “When It Rains It POURS!” -And I have to agree! LOTS of students, construction chaos and now the holiday gigs are coming in!!! Did I mention I am still a Mom of twin on top of all this?

BUT Everything is possible with God! and I am grateful for the full life that I am blessed to live!

In a previous post I told everyone about progress on the our studio construction project! And that has continued to be a CRAZY time… finally moved into the upstairs but still not expecting to finish the studio till January! But it will be awesome! Stay tuned!
On the teaching front I have felt honored to be getting students from so many different sources lately! I praise God for the Word of Mouth form my previous students: THANK YOU! And then I have started getting more students from Facebook, random google searches to my website and always from Thumbtack… but recently I gained a new student web chatting with the teller at the bank (Shout out to Peter!), another from a new acqaintance I met at 6 flags for a teen event (Let’s go Nadine!!), a few from church and finally, someone from Australia (How did she find me?)! I even had to wait list someone because there were just no more slots! (This was a milestone for me!)
Thank you to ALL my past and present students! You have allowed me to do music 24/7 even when I have been pursuing playing original music (Which rarely pays the rent!)- Oh- and did I say we are preparing for our annual Christmas Recital? Sunday night, December 10th, 5pm at the First Congregational church in Billerica. More info at Calendar page. All more info on lessons at Lessons and Coaching page!

OK- But here’s the extra special thing about THIS time of year! Not only have I been playing abunch of private parties as the duo Julie & Johnny with my good friend and lead guitarist Jammin’ Johnny V Vicaire, and some funerals and some kids’ parties but…. It’s HARMONY JEWELS time!

Harmony Jewels at Manger
Harmony Jewels at Whole Foods
Harmony Jewels at We Work
This is our fourth year singing Christmas carols for hire across New England! We are 2 men 2 women singing all your favorite carols in lush harmony and festive holiday dress.  We sing beautiful traditional a cappella favorites, some fun swing versions of classic kids’ holiday songs and now have added some current, hip Pentatonix style arrangements complete with beat boxing and vocal bass! PLEASE get in touch quickly if you would like us for a private or corporate party or town event- dates are going fast. We also do school assemblies.
Harmony Jewels at St Patrick School Collage
But I have to go now! I just packed up my whole house to prepare for an exterminator to kill some roaches!!! I am running on 3 hours of sleep and am off to teach my Lexington students and head to my kids’ choir concert! Never a dull moment!!!

Praying God will keep you healthy and grateful within the chaos of life!!!!