It was the weekend before the election and I needed reminding that whatever happens- I am still Standing on The Rock! I am sheltered from the storm by the wings of the most high- the mighty and powerful Lord God Himself!  I sang “Standing on the Rock” from our new CD at a talent night in Bedford!

Standing on the Rock at Thais’s talent Night

The message is clear-when I wrote it in 2008 and today. We are promised storms in this life…. and if God gives us a way out, a boat, a plane (as the old joke says- “as the waters rose- the guy on his roof…) we should take it- ie- vote! Make your voice heard. But after the decisions are made, get up from your fast, as David did, and live for Him.

Ok- so I can get anxious… That song reassures me and reminds me where I stand.  I hope my songs do that for you and other who listen!

Which brings me to the point of this blog:

Progress on the new CD.

Quick recap: in March 2012 we had my brothers, Bass player Chris Gibbons (from NY) and Drummer Gary Gibbons (from LA) in the studio here in Billerica along with guitarist Johnny Vicaire (Springfield) to record basic tracks on 10 or 11 songs. An earlier blog details that crazy and wonderful week of childbirth!

Chris, Gary, Julie Ralph and John around 3am in studio

Next Ralph and John and I worked feverishly to prepare 4 pre-release songs for me take to the World Discipleship Summit in San Antonio, TX in July.

Johnny V in studio


Solita Diana Julie and Cassandra WDS 12 after show

Julie from San Antonio Showcase
Julie from San Antonio Showcase

The World Disciple Conference brought in over 18,000 Christians from around the world!   I was honored to be a showcased artist at the Convention Center.  I sold pre-releases and pre=orders all weekend as well. Thank you to everyone who supported us so early in the project! You are the best!



After returning from Texas, life happened! The new school year, some illnesses, some technical problems with misbehaving equipment, scheduling challenges with musicians and work, storms (literally), gigs and upcoming Christmas shows…  We have been picking away at the overdubs whenever we can…

We also did a little preparing of the live band by playing a readio show for WEZE and a Concert for Hope- see earlier blogs for details!

And we decided the band name should change from KGV to something else- I think it is going to be “City on a Hill”.. do you like that?

A couple weeks ago we had a great vocal session with Dana Schmitz. He will be singing the male parts on “Nothing Like the Love”- And he sounds great! Here are some shots from that session

Dana Schmitz rocking out in the studio!

Ralph Kinscheck, engineer with assistant Jeremy in the studio


Julie Dana Ralph in Studio


Ralph continues to work on incredible, creative keyboard and string parts in his off hours at Berklee and I am putting together back up harmony parts soon to be recorded. I am prepping my voice students for a small children’s choir part at the end of “Hope Faith Love”, We are going to get  Jim Cafarella out her to try a pass at the male vocals in “Can You Hear Me Now”- and we hope to get Rolf Holly in here to play some trumpet parts, even bring back Jim Peterson for the guitar on “You Are” and lots more exciting ideas are in the works. It’s a BIG job! But we love it!

We just want to thank every one again for your support and ask for your patience that the CD will not be out by Christmas as we had originally planned and hoped. We are now projecting release in March of 2013.

Please keep praying for us- there is not only much to do- but many decisions to make- and we don’t always agree about what will be best! But in addition to the project coming out fantastic, an artistic masterpiece, selling well etc= please pray most of all that it will glorify God, encourage the saved, inspire the lost and touch the hearts of many thousands.

God Bless you!