It’s been too long again! Shame on me!

 I pray you and your loved ones have remained healthy and that your needs are being met either by work or unemployment!

But like you, I’m sure, Ralph and I have been trying to figure out how to live in this Brave New World of ours! As you know, the music industry has been basically torpedoed! Praise God for online teaching of private students and a few scattered outdoor shows! But is there a new purpose God is calling us to? How must things change as we move forward?

tShortly after the kids got sent home from school to finish the year in “Virtual learning” mode, Ralph was furloughed from his job at Berklee College of Music. Meanwhile, after a short break from teaching school I was called back to teaching music at St. Ann’s Home School. It turns out, we are “essential services” because of the kids at risk that we teach. Since then the kids and Ralph have been home and I have continued to go to work a few days a week. That turned out to be a Godsend since so much of my other work dissappeared like a shipwreck in a storm!

Ralph and I have spent lots of time during this pandemic working on our music! I have done over a dozen Facebook Live concerts! And Ralph has released the first two cuts for his new album!

And I have  Launched a New WEBSITE! Please click over and see all the new pictures, videos, press articles and more! There are two sides! One for me as an artist and the other for me as a teacher! Just in time to advertise for new students and new gigs for fall!

We have watched tons of seminars on line, Ralph has finished his masters, I continue tp work on my book… and through it all, like gerbils on a wheel, we race to accomplish… what? What is God’s plan? 

My dentist Dr. Lyons died of COVID-19 (God give comfort to his family), the streets are crazy with riots, I couldn’t even go into the emergency room with Ralph when he sprained his ankle… “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps.” (Proverbs 16:14)  So as we continue to figure out how to stay safe and healthy and make a living, we can still find  joy and peace in Jesus! Know I am praying for you! Please keep praying for me!

Stay tuned for more regular posts to update you on live or online shows, teaching, new releases and merchandise (I’ve got masks now!) and my upcoming book and album!

And please check out this new website!

Love to you all!