Headline picture for Part 1- Your Amazing Voice

I am SUPER excited to announce my new vocal training series: Vocal Training with Julie Kinscheck to be found on the Life-Changing Worship Website! Click Here. (I have just sent them the materials for the 1st installment, so I will have to update you on the. exact release date) It’s really a wonderful opportunity for everyone desiring to sing better to grow! It is based on my new book: Vocal Training For Praise Singers

Back and front covers

Series Topics

The first installment will be split into two videos, an introduction entitled: Your Amazing Voice followed by A Sample Warm Up to get you on the right foot either in private practice or with you Worship Team, Choir or band.

Moving forward I will cover important topics such as Vocal Health, Respiration/ Breath Support, Resonance/ Tone, Belting Safely, Improvisation, Expressing the lyrics, Overcoming Stage Fright/ Facing Your Demons, Blending in a Group, Unity within a Praise Team, Song Leading, Music Reading 101, Microphone Technique, Spiritual challenges for Singers, Movement on Stage…

Please stay tuned for the beginning of the series. The first video will premier on YouTube on my teacher page Sunday, June 26th at noon. https://youtu.be/c8564WWPOtQ

To get the book it is all based on please go to the books tab on this website or go directly: Click Here.