Introducing my new class: Vocal Training for Praise Singers Online Singing Course, Series #1!

Here is the link to order now: https://square.link/u/y5dJ0z61

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This is so exciting! As my capstone project for my masters degree I spent countless hours last Spring developing this online companion course to my book: Vocal Training for Praise Singers! I soon discovered that my book, containing 17 chapters and 85 voice exercises was going to take way too long to cover in one course… so this first class, VTFPS Series #1, covers four important areas of vocal training to get people started. If you love this, there will be a series #2 and #3 in the coming months.

Training areas covered in Series #1

1. Understanding how your amazing voice works,
2. Efficiently accessing your breath support management system,
3. Effective practicing and warming up and
4. Smoothly navigating your registers, chest voice, head voice, mixed voice… singing through your whole range without vocal stress.

All four modules are full of video examples of voice exercises, breathing exercises and warm ups with intermittent scripture references and wisdom from the Word for active praise singers and worship leaders.

Do you or anyone on your worship team struggle with singing the high notes without strain, hitting a vocal break, vocal fatigue, running out of breath? Do you wonder how to access that illusive Mixed Voice? What is that really? How can you really grow as a singer? What are good warm ups for your choir? How are your breath and your Spirit connected? These are a few of the areas covered in Series #1.

Along with the video instruction, important content is also in written form in power point presentation or PDF format. Questions are included at the end of each module to help students consolidate what they have learned with a google quiz. It is recommended that students purchase this class and the book as they work together. Get 10% off your entire purchase before January 7th, 2024 by using promo code: HOLIDAYSPECIAL

Future series will delve more deeply into vocal health, safe belting, resonance, tone, diction, performance anxiety, stage presence, unity within a worship team, blending, song leading, reading music, expression and much more.

To get the word out, I am going to offer this class for free to the first ten people who request it and promise to give me feedback! I will provide a deep discount for everyone else who purchases it by January 1st, 2024- $20 off! You can use promo code: CRAZYDEAL at check out. I am currently pricing the course at $65 but expect the price will go up once I have established the best platform for distribution. SO… I hope you will get it now, before Christmas…

What a cool gift for the singer in your life!