We’ve been working really hard, Folks! Ralph engineering, Jeremy Assisting…

Jeremy Fonseca assistant engineer

Recording with Chase Potter

Chase Potter playing Fiddle on "Nothing Like the Love"

on fiddler, Melanie Singh

Melanie Singh singing on "Hope Faith Love"

and Rich Evans

Rich Evans in the Studio

on vocals- and lots of fixed Ralphy keys parts and Julie vocals…. some new bass lines by Chris and some extra guitar by Jon Finn!!! And here we sit still fixing this and that…

We mix with Kenny Lewis out in Milford, MA starting Monday March 18th… so much to do in the next 36 hours!!!!

Please pray for us to

1. Be unified  

2. Get it all done 

3. Make it AWESOME!!

4. That the finished product will glorify God and encourage listeners to have hope in Him!

We’ll be mixing Monday through Friday all day.