I am honored to be nominated to compete in the MA Solo Artist Awards on Friday, September 15th at 7:30pm at Pa’s Lounge in Somerville, MA.

There will be many talented artists competing like Mara Bettencourt and Kaeli Earle and others. The chances of me winning are very small unless YOU, my fans, come out enforce!

But right now there are many more important things happening than this popularity contest… like 1000’s suffering in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. SO I decided to give all my ticket profits to Hurricane relief through HOPEworldwide. So every ticket sold with MY name selected is not only a VOTE FOR ME TO WIN but also a DONATION TO HURRICANE RELIEF!


I have voice students in Texas who have had to put lessons on hold because of damage to their house. I have a sister in law who had to go to a shelter in Tampa during Hurricane Irma; thankfully her home was not damaged and her dogs were fine. Just two weeks ago, my family was on vacation in Siesta Key, Florida… The rain from Harvey ruined our beach time… But so many others are now in need. I am grateful I can use this opportunity to do just a little bit for those in need!

ROCKPORT, TX – AUGUST Jacque McKay walks through the apartment complex where she lives
HOUSTON, TX – Ofelia Castro leads her grandchildren across a flooded street a
In addition, I am having the entire set video taped and a new promotional video is being edited. I would love you to be there to shine your marvelous face in my audience!!!!

My set is only 20 minutes long; scheduled from 7:40- 8pm so please come by 7, get parked and be seated early!

Remember the club is 21+ and does not serve food- so come fed! And this time, don’t bring the kids. The promoter has promised that the acts performing near me will be appropriate for the Christian audience as well. (Unlike that act that followed me at the Out of the Blue Too show in Cambridge!!! Yikes)

To top it off, in keeping with my theme, I am debuting a new version of my song “American Memory”. I wrote a verse about coming together for hurricane relief!  Here is a sneak preview:

Please join me TOMORROW NIGHT! And share this blog!!!