Joy To The World Y’All!  As we celebrate Jesus’ birth there are so many blessings to remember. The top of the list is eternal salvation in Christ of course… I could end my blog there, but no- this is a catch up on Kinscheck Joy- and the Joy we can spread to you! Merry Christmas!

The first two pictures are of the whole family from a great photo shoot with my friend and photographer Vera Crane. (She’s excellent indeed!) the purpose was to get some fabulous senior picture of the twins… yup, next Christmas they will be college students (God willing they get some good enough scholarships!)… but we had some family fun along the way, too.

The next picture is of my new book: Vocal Training For Praise Singers. It has been pre-selling for a few weeks and I have sold out all of my promo copies, just got a new shipment right when it went live on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xulon Press on December 11th! To order direct click www.VocalTrainingForPraiseSingers.com


Of course if you want it with free shipping in two days with Prime- you can always go via Amazon!

I’ve been pretty busy this fall, as you can imagine. I am loving my job as an Assistant Voice Professor at Berklee and I have continued my music teaching to kids at risk at St. Ann’s Home School this fall. I have had to send some many of my private students away as I just couldn’t give them the proper time on top of everything else and, oh, yeah, my masters program! Did I mention helping my twins prepare college applications?

But then there is this pandemic STILL going on… WILL IT EVER END? I have felt honored and challenged through it all to help kids of all ages deal with their challenges and anxiety- little ones to college ages ones… even elderly ones.


I have even had to turn down some gig opportunities- but never fear, I am still doing shows, private parties, concerts, festivals, weddings, funerals, nursing homes- and The Harmony Jewels are still be singing lots of carols this Christmas!!!!

The Harmony Jewels having a glorious season!

The Harmony Jewels: Gabe, Julie, Jim, Thais

Jim Cafarella (Tenor), Gabriel Paradis (Bass, beat box and occasional tenor lead), Diana Botello (Alto), Thais Gloor (Alternate Alto) and me (Soprano) Are this year’s Harmony Jewels cast. We have enjoyed singing on hay rides at the  Millbury Chain of Lights and with Santa at the Revere town Christmas celebration. We have performaed at The Fabulous Party (Joe and Cary hosts seen in picture here), for Bozutto apartments and Children’s hospital and a nursing home at Marina Bay… plus! God has allowed us to spread the joyful message of Christ’s birth  along side lots of fun Christmas carols! Yee HA!

Christmas Service in the Cold!

Ralph after Christmas service 2021

 Julie After “Freezing” Christmas Service 2021

It was our annual Christmas service and we weren’t going to miss it, even if the heat broke in the school where we were planning to meet! Looking at it now, I looked a bit silly in the cape, but I was warmer than most, I think! But carols were sung and I got rather emotional singing my solo on “Breath of Heaven”- I really got inside the feeling of how Mary might have felt knowing she was carrying God’s child!

Farewell To St. Ann's Home

At the end of every music class in my music teacher job at St. Ann’s Home School these last 4 years I would sing the song from the Sound of Music: “So Long Farewell.”  This Christmas I will be leaving after our annual Holiday Sing-a-Long. My job at Berklee and my new book , and always my music ministry -and family are more than enough to keep me crazy busy and I have to close this very meaningful chapter of my life.  … Learning the plight of these broken birds, God’s precious kids, many of whom have no family and having the chance to bring them music and my heart, has been beyond meaningful and life-changing for me. I start 2022 on a more focussed adventure. Please pray they find a great teacher to replace me and love them.