At long last IT’S HERE!!!!!

Let My Light Shine CD is scheduled to arrive at my door on Friday December 20th!

Kinscheck Family Picture


You can pre-order it on iTunes as of Wednesday, December 18th!

The official release date is January 14, 2014!

BUT It is live on CDBaby for digital download right now!!!

I expect to have copies for sale available at a table at The Lowell Memorial Auditorium this Sunday December 22nd!

And if you pre-ordered Let My Light Shine, it will be in the mail to you shortly!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to everyone who has cheered us on through all the challenges on the road to putting out this album!

We have given birth- and the baby is ready to meet the world!


Here are the thank you’s from the inside of the CD:

First of all we’d like to thank our Heavenly Father.  By Him we have life and breath, voices to sing with, talents to play instruments and a passion in our hearts to create music.  Because of Him all things are possible- even finally putting out this CD! Thank You God!

Immeasurable thanks to our fans and brothers and sisters in Christ who have encouraged us to put out this project and cheered us along the way through the obstacles and struggles!

Chris Gibbons

Huge thank you to the rest of our band: LIFLIGHT: My brothers Chris (bass) Gibbons and Gary (drums)

Gary Gibbons

Gibbons and Johnny Vicaire who played the basics on that crazy week in March.  Ralph and I love and appreciate your skill and friendship more than you know!

Jammin' Johnny V.



Big thank you to all the other fantastic friends and session musicians who contributed to this project and the live shows! Dana & Theresa, Rich, Morgan, Jon Finn, Jim P, Joe G, Jeremy, Jim Caf, Ogechi, Will & Rebekah, Dick, Melanie, Chase, Peter, Cliff, Jack, Diana, Jessica, Gabe, Anselm, Kenny H, Jerry, Brian & Paul.

Big hugs and thank you to the children who sang on “Hope Faith Love”: Sarah, Kylie, Ashley, Itzel, Caleb and Hannah!

Another super big thank you to Christine Arsenault for coming up with our new band name: LIFLIGHT!

Thanks to Don Gibb for lending us his wonderful acoustic guitar for a bunch of the cuts!

Thanks also to: Gail & Dan, Milton and Debbie, Diana and Jim, Claudia, John and Lori, Rich & Lisa, Alan & Anne Marie, Jimmy & Maria, Melanie & Tony, Chip & Ruby, Dave Eastman, Tony Martin, Winston and others for praying with us and believing in our mission and calling into this music ministry.

A super BIG thank you to Kenny Lewis of Mixed Emotions who shepherded us through a bunch of challenging mix sessions and provided priceless advice for our careers. Brother, you have been a gift to us!

Kenny Lewis Mix Engineer

Warm thank you to our beautiful children Caleb and Hannah for being our greatest fans and a huge inspiration for our songs- and for making us laugh after some difficult sessions!

Thank you to our parents: Polly Joan, Paul Gibbons and Gisela Kinscheck who have been a sounding board for ideas, support, advice and sometimes a shoulder to cry on! We love you!

Polly (Mom) Joan & Julie

Love, Ralph and Julie

Ralph at keys- back cover

PS- Ralph did such a great job not only co-songwriting but engineering the recording sessions at our home studio, The Shed,  and elsewhere, spending hours and hours arranging and creating and re-doing parts from flutes to violins to crazy solos to some stuff we didn’t use because it was too crazy! You are so talented! I am so blessed to have him as my musical partner and partner in life! God is so good!