Just a quick note saying we’ve been busy with recording the new CD! Had Dana Schmidtz inhere and Jim Cafarella and Will Cox and a choir of young voice students and Morgan Williams and Joe Galeota on percussion and lots of John Vicaire!

Joe Galeota on Percussion

Joe Galeota on Percussion


Trying to get Rolf Holly to play some trumpet, Rich Evans to sing a song… Mealanie Singh to do what do you think? Sing!  And have wanted to get Jim Peterson, but he’s had some rough trouble with his hand- really slowed him down. We pray he heals up quickly!

We need your prayers to get this done in time to have out CD release on May 18th!

Thanks to all who have pre-ordered- it’s coming!!!!


Hannah and Caleb performed in their school talent show and I am so proud that they are mine! What little pros they are on stage- such poise- such character! I pray that some day I wrte a song that people remember long after I’m gone… that my music brings people closer to God… etc etc-


But my most important job and the best thing I will leave behind will certainly be Caleb and Hannah!

Quick FYI: Ralph and I will be performing a few new songs at the Coffee House on Saturday Night at The Northern regions’ Marriage Retreat in Portland, ME this weekend. I will also be singing various feature numbers throughout the weekend. But music aside- these retreats can be so incredible for your marriage. I love singing for these events- but the intense and personal teaching from the Bible on marriage- there with my husband is so helpful and renewing. I highly recommend these weekends for the health and joy of your marriage! Directions and details can be found at this link: Marriage Retreat

Other news: We still haven’t settled on a band name…. Free T-shirt and CD and a CD credit to the winner!

I have also been asked to join a Women’s Worship Leadership Group that is meant to grow and build up women’s worship throughout New England and the World! Very exciting: here is a link to an article about it! Women’s Worship

Women's Worship group

Women's Worship Leadership Group


Good night for now! Stay warm!


In Him,