OK- So we get to Mixed Emotions- the mix studio owned by Kenny Lewis= engineer extra-ordinair!

Ralph and Kenny Lewis at Mixed Emotions


It’s a humble place for the great work he does in there… works with name acts like Striper, Extreme, American Idol finalists like our current op 4: Angie and more….

We start cracking open the tunes.

Some tunes almost mix themselves… “You Are” went really smoothly- “Ahhh” so sweet! You’re gonna love this one- a jazzy praise ballad… right out of a quiet time and full of mountains and laughter and holy visions with juicy hybrid chords from Jon Finn on guitar and a SCAT solo. Yeah!

Then there were others that took a LONG time… but came out great in the end- like “Let My Light Shine”– so many vocal parts- and not a small amount of pitch correction (sorry folks)- and some of it was even me! How humbling is that! But in the end- that choir, those tasty guitar fills from Johnny, nice groove, smooth bass and perfect keyboard colors.. very nice. You can feel the light pouring in from heaven!

Then we really got to work- came into some challenges with EPIC some parts fighting with other parts- hmmm- still re-cutting some stuff- but it will be awesome in the end!

And I wasn’t loving how my acoustic guitar sounded on “Love Life Like I Should”– so back to the home studio on that…

But “Standing on the Rock”- COOL! Standing on God’s rock and secure, Baby!

“Trust in You” is sounding pretty neat, too- Ralph put in this new fangled vocoder part that has really grown on me- and Morgan Williams sounds so great on the back up vocals.

We have SOOOOOOO much more to do… and right in the middle of it all (Wednesday) Ralph ended up in the ER getting checked for heart trouble- they found nothing- but the episode was scarey… Keep him in your prayers!

Perhaps this has happened so that we will depend on Him and not our own strength! It has made me pray more fervently!

We realized we’d need some extra time- so we booked some extra dates with Kenny.

We need to finish all this and rehearse and have artwork done and all that before the CD Release Concert on May 18th! That’s gonna be a tough deadline to meet. I don’t want to have to cut any of the songs.

And this is all happening in the midst of preparing for our church EASTER service and a women’s Day service… a worship conference right after that! Yikes! And can’t forget the twins’ birthdays!

Please pray for us and our project and our ministry!

We feel God has laid music ministry on our hearts to share his HOPE with the world- join with us in prayer.

And if you know anyone that might want help to support this ministry- we also have launched a Kickstarter fundraising video to help recoup production costs.

I’ll keep you up to date!

Till then- God bless you and remember that he can do more than we could ask or imagine!