Hi All!

Wow am I behind at posting here! But I have been busy!!!! Doing lots of shows- mostly solo singer/ guitarist stuff at restaurants and cafes, nursing homes, funerals and parties- And with our wonderful praise team at church!

But- It’s easy as a musician to get frustrated around now- I mean everyone gets their music for free on Youtube (or wherever you like to stream it from!) – even I do! But making quality music still takes lots of time and money- so how do you fund it?  How does a girl make a living?

Now I am not apposed to the whole “Go Fund Me” or “Kick Started” approach… in fact- I’d like to get a lot better at that myself! But I recently discovered a rather fun new way to get my music out there and get paid for it! I GIVE IT AWAY! And I would love to give some to you!

Like I did on Sunday at my show at the Fuse Bistro in Lowell… I was about to sing an original Song called “Love Life Like I Should” from my Let My Light Shine Album.  I asked the audience to listen closely to the lyrics. If they could figure out “what is standing behind us as we’re walking through our day?” then they could win a free CD or download card!

Anthony got it “Angels!” (Now your know the answer the next show you come to!) And I gave him a free CD! Hopefully he was also inspired thinking about the angels behind him!

At Fuse Bistro Gig for "Love Life Like I Should" Trivia!


At Fuse Bistro Gig for “Love Life Like I Should” Trivia!

Actually, I do something similar with my “Coffee Song”- I say  “This song isn’t really about coffee… tell me what it’s really about!”  Benjamin got it “Falling in Love!” He won a Grace With Jazz On Top CD!

"Coffee Song' Trivia winner

“Coffee Song’ Trivia winner

Gaby is in the feature picture for this blog- she Won our Let My Light Shine CD at my show at Athenian Corner in Lowell last Thursday. They have some really AWESOME Gyros!!!! YUM!

“WHAT? You are crazy!” You say. “What about the $$$$ you spent making those things?”

Well this only works if you have an audience’s attention. I suppose you could do it on line, too- but I haven’t figured that one out yet… But here’s the basic idea… I give them something; they are happy and grateful and give me a big a tip!

Now this concept could work in other industries, too… That’s why restaurants and other businesses give out samples I’d guess- though they are trying to rive in customers not just get tips… But I Am hoping for the same result, that folks will love the music and come back for more.

Why am I telling you my secrets? Because really, I want to get my music into your car, headphones, iTunes account! I pray it will move you; that you’ll love it! Maybe you’ll be inspired by the hope God has laid out for you just a little more after hearing my original music!

And I hope you will want to come to one of my live shows, whether I’m playing mostly folky-jazzy covers or inspired originals- because it’s FUN TO WIN! And you might just enjoy the music, too!

Here were some other lucky winners over recent months!: William won a CD at Potbelly2April won a CD at PotbellyCarol won a CD at PotbellyCraig won a cd at PotbellyDave won a cd at PotbellyHe won a cd at PotbellyIAnne won a download card at Potbelly 2Stephen, a local rock singer, won a CD at Potbelly