Tomorrow (November 17th) I start a new gig at least twice a month at Playoffs Sports Bar and Grill in Billerica, MA  at 512  Middlesex Turnpike!  This should be a fun thing! Acoustic night, Taco night, and me 7-10pm!

I’m also playing every Friday 12-2pm at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop at 2 Wayside Common in Burlington, MA!  This is a casual “get your awesome sandwich and enjoy the smooth Julie sounds in the background” sort of thing. I’ve been playing there all fall and it has been building some momentum! 

Forgot my tip jar so I used my Zumba weights box!


Here are a bunch of pix from there!

The Best line crew ever!











Halloween at Potbelly



I also have a new group: The Harmony Jewels! Last year we played a Christmas party and decided to sing some more shows… and this year we are turning down bookings we have too many! This picture is from last year: With Adam Radl, James Jones (From Ball in the House) and Jessica McClellan.

The personnel has changed a bit this year including such talented singers as Gabriel Paradise and Diana Botello on some shows and Jim Cafarella and Jennifer Evans on others!

I have also been playing a bunch of private parties and events!

My Student Christmas Recital– Always a wonderful Show is coming up on Sunday, December 13th at the First Congregational Church at 18 Andover Road in Billerica at 4pm! Singers and guitarists from 6- at least 50 are performing!

Ralph and I played some Moon Glow Jazz gigs including the Billerica Cat Care Coalition Chocolate Tasting and an event for the Worcester Diocese pictured here!

Moon Glow Jazz Duo

Private Parties:  These pix are from both a Pig Roast and a gigs Halloween party! The Pig Roast was fun- got to pull out lots of fun country songs I used to play when Ralph and I had a country band called “Timber Wolf” with John French on bass.  Played some Carrie Underwood, Martina, Trisha Yearwood- even classic Patsy Cline!

The kids party was fun- but it was a COLD weekend to be playing outside! As you can see there’s been quite a variety!

Halloween Kids Party with "Happy Julie"





All Country at the Pig Roast Y'All!









I have been blessed to play music at two different events this fall for the Billerica Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force. It breaks my heart that so many people are dying from addictions and overdose here in our little town.  Pictured here I was playing at the information area at the Drug Abuse Forum. Also presenting in this area were members of our  CR (Chemical Recovery) ministry from my church.  Ask me more if you are in search of a great faith-based recovery group. I also played at a candle-light vigil held later in the month.

"Overcomer" and more at the Drug Abuse Prevention Forum

On a sad note, I am also playing tomorrow for a Memorial at The Crossing in Billerica for a dear friend and brother in Christ: EJ Murphy. He is the man on the far left in this shot from one of my concerts at his community this fall. He was a good friend.  He loved to sing- I often drove him to choir rehearsals out in Framingham. He was an amazing cheerleader for me to sing at his retirement community, too.

With EJ Murphy & Friends at The Crossing

As always, you can join me leading worship with our team almost every Sunday at the Butler Middle School in Lowell at 10 am!

God Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!