Before I start on the wonderful tale of castles and fellowship, great food and Vocal exercises- and shows in Germany….

New show coming up for everyone to come to!

Julie Kinscheck Live at The Gallery in Malden!

Saturday, November 3rd, 7:30- 9pm!

480 Main St. Malden, MA 02148

Ticket Link: Maldencreatesllc.vendecommerce.com

This is an all original acoustic show, (Ok- I might add a cover or two- but not many.) And I may even be accompanied here and there by the talented host of the Gallery Ms. Osa Schwab on violin. It’s an art gallery where they also bring in live music. There will be refreshments provided included in the $10 ticket price in advance ($12 at the door). I was there for a Suzanne Clark show and fell in love with the place. I am the only act performing that night- so no worries of loud rap groups with foul language that descended on us the last time I played at an art Gallery! But be ready to jog around the corner to Duncan Donuts because there is no bathroom! Please come and make it an extra-special night because of your company!

Germany Review!
International Musical Missions Tour #1

Kinschecks at Wartburg Castle

So we spent two glorious weeks in Europe, mostly Germany with a mad dash to Austria just for fun!  The purpose of the trip fulfilled several goals and desires for Ralph and I.

Date night in Old town Nuremberg, Germany

#1: I have had dreams of making a musical missions tour to Europe for several years.  I feel called to encourage our sister churches around the world with the music of my heart and give them an opportunity to invite their friends as well.  We got to play our original music for both our Munich and Berlin churches. Though we were not able to set up large concerts this time around, it was a beginning.  And what a joy to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Germany! We made great new friends like Reinhard who helped us find and buy some authentic Bavarian outfits; Daniel who took out to explore Berlin at night with his two boys; and so many more!

More Berlin Friends!

Ralph and Helge


#2: I have a goal to spread my Vocal Training for Praise Singers Curriculum across the US and abroad!  And I got hired to teach my one day vocal intensive workshop in Berlin to an enthusiastic group of singers! what a joy that was! Soon I will start posting clips from that workshop on my teaching pages on youtube and facebook and my personal teaching page on this website!

Thanks again Daniel for being my cheerleader and helping me to make that happen!

Vocal Training for Praise Singers Workshop, Berlin

Daniel Gorlich and sons



#3: Ralph has relatives in Germany he hadn’t seen in over 20 years and cousins our kids had never met! What a joy to meet with these cousins including Ralph’s Tante Anna Lisa who is 91! And did I mention we ate ice cream and kuchen and wurst… yum!

#4: Ralph and I had both been to Europe as kids/ young adults and longed to share some of this magic with our kids! What fun to see castles and cathedrals together; pray at Dachau together, walk the back alleys of Saltzburg and Nuremberg and Wartburg… (And shudder at some nasty hotels together, too!)

Gardens of Wuppertal!

Check Point Charlie Berlin- the beginning of Freedom!

Marien Platz, Munich

Ralph at Neuschwanstein Castle

Mozart played here!

Palace Benrath

Minstrel in Wartburg!










Germany was a fantastic end to a summer filled with every emotion possible!  Guess I need to write some new songs!