Hello Friends and Fans!

Did you think I forgot you?  Wow! So my first excuse for being out of touch was a concussion! I had a ski accident the first week of March up at Pats Peak in New Hampshire! But before I get into that… here are some exciting things coming up and highlights from the past 6 months!


I have been hired to teach my Vocal Training for Praise Singers Workshop curriculum in Berlin, Germany on September 1st!  While we are there we will perform in Berlin at an outdoor festive event and prayerfully play also in the Munich, Germany area or in Austria!  Some of you might remember I had a hit on Austrian radio in the 90’s with my “Coffee Song” off the “Grace with Jazz on Top” album! I am also very excited to see Berlin without the Wall! Yes, I know it came down years ago, but the stark difference between life in West Berlin and the Communist East Berlin of my youth made a big impression on me when I visited there as a child and later  a teen. Yeah- this is me with my Lebkuchen Heart Cookie! I also had a “Schultutti”! It’s a fun tradition in Germany where you get this huge cone of candy when you enter first grade! I also spent a year in Munich as a Rotary exchange student after high school. Great program!

Vocal Training for Praise Singers
Before we cross the pond to Europe, there are a few fun N-E performances on the calendar:

Local Events

July 22,23 I sang on stage with choirs and praise teams at the Duncan Donuts Arena in Providence, RI at the Thrive conference! What a blast that was!

And since I love to write custom songs… I also wrote a song for the teens to sing on the Thrive theme! They sang it both at my student recital and at church one Sunday. the song is called “We Will Thrive” and here is one of the Youtube versions:

July 28th weekend I traveled to celebrate my Mom, Polly’s 85th birthday with my musical brothers Chris and Gary that played Bass and drums on my last two CD’s! One of our wonderful surprise guests in the picture above was Noel! She was the fantastic lead singer of my brothers’ band Crossroads when I was a kid. This was the only Crossroads picture I could find… from before Noel.

They played local parties and even went on tour in Morocco! I looked up to her so much when I was a young girl wanting to sing for my living. It was so great to see her! It was so special to honor my Mom this way!

We sang “Love is Wild” from our Let My Light Shine CD which was written fro Mom and Charlie’s wedding years ago and “It’s Time To Call Mom” which I wrote for Mom and a bunch of jazz standards and…

Here’s a snippet of our concert! This was a piece of “COFFEE SONG” Live!

August 13th, Monday 3-5:30, I will be performing solo and with some of my students at the Billerica Farmer’s Market, Concord Rd, Billerica, MA Always a fun time!

And of course whenever I am in town you can catch me at the Butler Middle School in Lowell, MA singing for the Lord on Sunday mornings at 10am! The next band Sunday is expected to be August 19th!

Other Catch UP NEWS:

This Winter/Spring, despite the concussion, I still got to sing some fun events!

February 24th, Ralph and I played a love song I wrote for him, “I Still Do”  at a marriage retreat in Portsmouth, NH. It will definitely be on the next album! Here’s a clip:

March 3rd, Ralph and I got to share a small set of our originals at a coffee house gig in Methuen! I do love performing with my handsome and talented husband! Here’s a pick from the show the show above!
May 6th was my Spring student recital. As always there were some wonderful performances! Many are posted at my Teaching Youtube channel. Just search Julie Kinscheck voice teacher- or check out this clip of a teacher performance of “His Eye is On the Sparrow” and hop over to student performances to see much more!
Student Spring Recital 2018
March 24th, I got to perform at a marvelous Women’s Day Event in Bedford, MA along with some other very talented women including Morgan Minsk, Kayla McGarr, Diana Botello and more! I became very attached to this song I sang…
Women’s Day with Morgan Minsk and Diana Botello
Somewhere in there I sang at a marvelous Christian Arts Festival where my talented daughter Hannah also displayed her artwork! Here is a clip from that show, too!

Me and the kids also sang on the “All About Jesus” TV show… It’s so cool singing with my twins!

AND the twins joined me a week ago leading the worship for our church’s Vacation Bible School: Shipwrecked! Time to brag on my son a tad… here’s a clip of him leading a song! We also sang it the next Sunday at church.
VBS on Stage!
In between all of this there has been tragedy and challenge. My cousin’s son Jacob fell from a cliff and died. I sang at his memorial. I was devastated as were we all! I wrote him a song: “Life to the Full (Jacob’s Song).
With My cousin Alan, Jacob’s father at Jacob’s memorial
And Ralph’s sister Ingrid has been very sick from brain cancer… we also went to her and sang to her and worshiped with her… I may do another blog about music, mourning and  healing.
We were supposed to be performing on August 3rd, Friday, in Maine.  Caleb, Hannah and I were all to be performing at the Sweden variety show in Sweden, ME as part of Sweden Town days. This is a marvelous weekend packed with town dish to pass and square dance, music and fun in the foot of the white mountains!- But alas, that had to be cancelled because instead we performed this weekend at the funeral of Ralph’s sister Ingrid Williams.
Hannah, Gisela,Ralph, Caleb & Julie
Gisela, Julie, Caleb, (Brother in law) Keith, Hannah & Ralph
It is heart breaking. She died of brain cancer at age of 63. Though it is a sad time, we did have the joy of worshiping with her a few weeks before she passed. She couldn’t speak anymore, but she raised an arm in worship as we sang to her!

All the while I was trying to rest as much as possible to recover! So I have not booked many new shows… LIFLIGHT, Moon Glow, Julie Jazz, Julie & Johnny will all hopefully be making more appearances in the coming months! I guess God gave me enough to do!

And we are hoping the new recording studio will be opening in the fall, too!

The Concussion:

OK- Here is how it all began:

My husband Ralph and I were having a rare date- night skiing! I went over a modest jump (I have been skiing all my life- though I have had some long breaks in between, but I’d never done jumps!), landed wrong, spun around and hit my head really hard on the ice! I felt my brain slosh around in my head! I knew that wasn’t good! Somehow we skied the rest of the way down and made it to the first aid station before I was too dizzy to function. I have been at various levels of recovery over the last few months. It has been slow- frustratingly so! But I am MUCH better now and can use my computer for a while without getting a horrible head ache and want to throw up! So hear I am, writing again to you! And NO, I wasn’t wearing a helmet. We bought one for next season!

If there is anything I have learned from all this (aside from “wear a helmet!”), it is that you can’t rush healing. For months I have had to slow down in my teaching and booking shows, take naps and trust God that he will heal me in His time. and meanwhile I have gotten totally hooked on audio books!

“Wait for the Lord; Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”- Psalm 27:14

So I am doing MUCH better! And I am booking shows for this fall and winter and scheduling private lessons and hopefully more workshops like the one in Germany! Please don’t be a stranger!