Do you ever feel like you never stop running from one things to the next? I thought we all learned how to slow down during the pandemic, but I think I conveniently forgot! But I pray to, plan to take it deeper in 2024! But how can I do that with all the cool goals I have on my plate? Keep reading!

In all honesty, I love my life. I almost feel embarrassed to say that because I know many people DON’T love their lives and won’t love me for having a life worth loving… Though it’s not all easy peasy… Our main sewer line burst this fall and speed sewage all over my basement- even threatening the wall adjacent my teaching studio! The remediation team finally came today to demo wall and pull up floors- It’s OVERWHELMING!

And my Sciatica flairs now and then and and-

But I do love all the things I get to do: sing and teach others to sing, worship and teach others to worship. And I love the people I teach and worship with! But I still can resemble a chick with my head cut off too often! -And the Christmas season is maybe the worst! I did so many gigs and glorious Christmas services, but had so little time to reflect on Jesus in the quiet of my heart. Then came Christmas and the shows stopped- and it was all about family and God!

Above left to right: My son Caleb, hubby Ralph, Me, Brother in law Keith, Mother in Law Gisela, daughter Hannah

I have been reading this book called 40 Days of Prayer by Kit Cummings (actually I am going through it a 2nd time) which has been deepening my prayer life significantly. Everyday (OK- I woke up late and scrambled this morning- I am far from perfect!) I roll out of bed onto my knee, thank my God and pray for my list of impossible prayers before I discuss my day with God.

I am also joining my church in the challenge to re-read the whole Bible in a year. I chose to read it in chronological order- so I am finishing the book of Job right now. I am taking my times with God deeper in 2024!

Recently I have been teaching the Bible to a friend named Lusi. It has been such an incredible joy to see her eyes open as she is transformed by the power of the Word! Along the way I am growing closer to the women joining me in the study. We’ve already had some friends and relatives into our home for meals this year and a couple game nights, too. I have also committed to talking regularly with a few key friends, going for coffee and really listening to their struggles. I want to take my relationships deeper in 2024!

Me and friend Anne Marie Roscoe

I am an artist, but for a few years I have been so very focussed on my masters and getting established in my professorship at Berklee that I haven’t had a ton of time to work on my craft. Near the end of 2023 I started recording with my new friend and producer Neal Merrick Blackwood in Asheville, NC. I am so excited by what we have begun and endeavor to raise some bucks through crowd funding to record an entire album with him in 2024! We are about to release the first single “Masterpiece!” I am listening to new artists looking for inspiration and am determined to take my artistry deeper in 2024! I will need your support on this one!

You all know about my book Vocal Training for Praise Singers; I have been selling it here and there at occasional conferences and to my students, but I really need to take my marketing DEEPER in 2024. I have written a companion course, Vocal Training for Praise Singers Online Singing Course that also needs kicking off, too. And I need to make some cool merchandise for my students and fans. I will also need your help to get the grassroots sales going… Tell every person you know who sings in a church to get it! They can hire me to present at their church or conference!

In summary- I am taking my times with God, my relationships, my artistry and my marketing deeper in 2024! Got a shovel? Let’s dig in together!