BEDFORD, MA – ANUARY 12, 2010 “Grace With Jazz on Top,” the latest CD by singer- songwriter Julie Kinscheck, also known as the Queen of SCAT, is getting rave reviews from print, radio and live audiences all over. Check it out- you may just smile (or cry)!

“Julie Kinscheck’s songwriting and outstanding vocal work will satisfy you to your soul…” – Metronome Magazine Jan 2010

REVIEWS: Wildy World wrote:
“Fans of Christian pop music will dig Julie Kinscheck.” “It’s quite amazing how you
incorporate the Christian themes into the Jazz styled vox performances let alone the brilliant music arrangements as well. Vocal harmonies are so well arranged, and will bring a big smile to many a listeners face, as it did to mine,” exclaimed one Taxi reviewer. For more reviews go to www.sonicbids.com/juliekinscheck

RADIO: Playing on over 3000 international radio stations and selling on line at www.julieksings.com, iTunes cdbaby, Amazon.com etc and selling at Julie’s live shows across New England and the US and Canada; “Grace With Jazz On Top”- breaking through.

The album sports a unique blend of spiritual pop and folk with a liberal sprinkle of dynamite SCAT singing. But frankly, it’s just a great listen.

BIO: Kinscheck, born Julie Alice Gibbons, was a kid who grew up in Ithaca, NY, playing guitar and writing her own songs from her heart; when she missed the boat to child stardom, she busted her back to make a living singing. She traveled playing the streets of Europe, played countless clubs, coffeehouses, churches and weddings. She was even chosen as one of the best unsigned songwriters by the national academy of songwriters in NYC in 1991.

At last God opened some doors to play larger venues (even Madison Square Garden!) and start putting out recordings. “The Force” with the band PTB and “Faith in Action Live” with a capella group Faith in action, both came out in 2006.

Now a mom of twins with tales of heartaches, struggles and a powerful faith, she has taken her vast experience, songwriting awards and sense of humor and created a work of art in this her debut solo artist CD.

“Grace With Jazz On Top” IS VULNERABLE.. While being interviewed by the Billerica Green, the reporter wiped her eyes she was so moved by the story of infertility and God’s miracles behind her song “Precious.” After 8 long years struggling with infertility, Kinscheck put her amazing love for her unborn twins into song.

The reviewer from Metronome magazine who chose “Grace With Jazz On Top” as a top five pick in January- worthy of the upcoming cover story in March 2010, just called the vocal work on “Precious”: “Gorgeous.”

“Grace With Jazz On Top” SPEAKS TO WOMEN. One fan who recently purchased the CD commented on how she loved the song “Secure in Heart,” – a playful look at the insecurities we all face as women and the only real answer. “Martha, Martha” is another song on the CD that really speaks to women- and how we try to do it ALL! In our craziness, we long to sit at His feet.

“Grace With Jazz on Top” IS FUN! Many deep themes run through Kinscheck’s songs, but who said faith can’t be FUN! Fans often request the “Coffee Song” at live shows. Wildy World writes: “[It is] a jazz tune that wants to stray into rockabilly. Coffee becomes the metaphor for romance in a wonderful act of innuendo that’s family friendly.” – and don’t forget the signature ‘Vocal Trumpet’solo!

Other songs of note on the CD include:
1. The soulful “Grace”- the title cut; resonating the fundamental need we all have for grace from those around us, enhanced with flavorful keyboard work by husband and producer, Ralph Kinscheck and juicy Jaco-esk bass work and smooth drums by Kinscheck’s brothers Chris and Gary Gibbons.

2. “American Memory” written in dedication to those who lost loved ones on 911 and other national tragedies. Opening with patriotic drum and flute duet, filled with some folky-funky groove and attitude and finishing with full choir in rich poignant harmony.

3. “Always Kiss Good Night”- Which according to Metronome Magazine “features the outstanding vocal duet with David Coate.” One of dozens of custom love songs written by Kinscheck over the years.

4. “A Little Time”- More of a country tune with the interestin twist of being written from the point of view of Time. “I’ll be here when you need me, take me! I’m a Little Time!”

5. “Get in the Water”- Dixieland meets SCAT singing and tells the true story of soul saved! Yeah! It is that wild a combo!

GIVING BACK: Kinscheck supports the charity HOPE Worldwide through volunteering and fund-raising. See her live at The Bennett Library, 3 Concord Rd, Billerica, MA Saturday, February 20th, 7pm for the “Night of Hope- Billerica”! – And be ready to be entertained and moved to the core.

Listen and review “Grace with Jazz On Top” at www.julieksings.com – or email Jharck Records for a promo disc.

Contact Julie Kinscheck at Jharck Records
email: julieksings@comcast.net