Last Sunday I led my students from BLT Music on their final BLT recital (as they are closing December 20th for good).

BLT Students "Peace Peace: Silent Night"

It was a cheerful event full of smiling kids and Christmas cheer. I was especially proud of my students Brothers Ritchie (guitar) and Ruben ( voice)  who performed “Believe in the Gift” for the crowd. Ruben is only 8 and Ritchie just 10 years old. It was really sweet.!

Ritchie Ruben and Julie Singing/ playing "Believe in the Gift"

Another student of mine, a boy named Ankush, sang a fantastic version of ” Why Am I Me?” from the musical Shannandoah and a rousing “Santa Clause is Coming to town”  half Bruce Springsteen style!

Ankush sings "Why Am I Me"

Other fun high lights included: Rhea singing a funky “Jingle Bells” and Cassaidy Decking the halls, my little jammin guitarist Kaelyn playing “Away in the Manger” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and the very talented young Ashley singing “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”.

Ashley sings "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree"

Thoughout the evening other teachers showcased their students on piano and guitar and violin.  Finally, the my whole group closed the evening with our version of a partner song of “Silent Night/ Peace Peace” which added guest singers Faith and her mom, professional singer Lelani and invited the audience to join us.


It was a lovely recital closing a great couple of years working for Sueci Carmichael at BLT Music. She was truly the best boss ever. Thank you Sueci for all your hard work and love for Billerica!