Dr. Milton Drake

Here are some of the pictures from the fantastic Night of Hope -Billerica that took place on Sunday night September 18th at the historic Bennett Library in Billerica!


Spearheaded by local Billerica artist Julie Kinscheck; Dr. Milton and wife Debbie Drake and educator Ilona Sewell presented about HOPE worldwide programs in Central America with heart and personal stories; The Julie Kinscheck Band with Ralph Kinscheck, Johnny Vicaire, Kenny Hester, Brian Schwartzentruber, Melanie Singh, Jessica Lewis and Diana Wick played their hearts out in the opening set; Kasia Sokalla and  Alan Roscoe treated the audience with beautiful solo vocals; Dana Schmitz entertained all with great rock covers and a good sense of humor and teen sensation RIA wowed everyone with her big voice, vocal riffs and poise- especially for a 16 year old performer.


Gail Scott Key (Host) with Julie Kinscheck

The food was not only delicious- it was also beautifully presented- and all was wrapped up by the vivacious hosting of Gail Scott Key from Hollywood New England, Cape Cod Life styles and the popular web show “Up For Discussion.”

If there was a disappointment in the evening it was the absence of representation from The Billerica Boys and Girls Club (due to an unexpected health issue) to whom part of the funds are to be donated. The Billerica Boys and Girls Club has chosen a needy local family to whom HOPE will give a gift. It was important to Kinscheck to include a local component to the concert to reach out in love to her neighbors who are struggling in this economy in addition to those in need in far away places.

Pat Mahoney of the Billerica Boys and Girls club wrote: “The family is a family which includes a single parent who has children ages 5,7,10,12,15, who has also taken in a foster child, a friend of one of her children who has been living in horrible circumstances.  This mother is committed to the child being in a safe home, feeling safe and reaching her potential, the same expectations she has for her own children.  The father is incarcerated for abuse and fraud and the mother has worked hard to keep her family together and all heal together.  She is a wonderful woman, her children are very respectful, smart and always willing to help, work very hard in school and just great kids. I am sure the money will be very welcome and extremely useful. Thank you so much, they are a hard working and caring family.”

It would have been wonderful if the entire event had brought in more people- but the quality of the talent and presentation and the obvious support of volunteers promises that this event is not only a worthwhile endeavor, but could be a fantastic fund raising success as it builds in future years!

Julie Kinscheck Band at Night Of HOPE 2011- Jessica Lewis, Melanie Singh, Kenny Hester, Julie Kinscheck, Diana Wick, Ralph Kinscheck

Dana Schmitz- At Night of HOPE-Billerica 2011

RIA singing at Night of HOPE Billerica

Brian Schwartzentruber on drums-Night of HOPE 2011

Kasia Sokalla- Singing at Night of HOPE- Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Alan Roscoe singing "You Raise Me UP" at Night of HOPE Billerica 2011