I remember when my twins were born, I had such great dreams about who they would be when they grow up! I prayed for their health, faith and happiness and so much more and still do. Babies carry a amazing promise- a hope for something better- maybe something miraculous even! When Mary bent over Jesus in the manger, I’m sure she prayed- but God had also promised things about this child.

Jesus was a miracle from conception on. He was born in humble circumstances- but was the fulfillment of thousands of prophesies from Isaiah, David and many others in the old testament. He was the chosen Christ- the son of God and man (woman actually!) – destined to free his people- not only the Jews- but all of us who would believe and live his commands. Wow! What a baby!

This Christmas I want to pray that my life can glorify the man this baby grew to be- and that the love, that was central to His message of salvation will be reflected in me, my family and my church. I could pray for peace on Earth- but my faith is weak- there are so many who hate Christ; Lord give me faith.

And as I sing and praise God at church this Sunday at our wonderful Christmas celebration, let our songs resound with the joy of new birth- not only the Christ child- but of new hope in our hearts that only he could bring!

Merry Christmas!