The Julie Kinscheck Band played at All Asia in Cambridge, MA- on the 20th of February! We had a blast. Our regular drummers Tom and Oscar weren’t available so we had Brian Schwartzentruber fill in and he did a splendid job!

Ralph, Brian, Kenny, JOhn, Julie, Ogechi, Jessica at All Asia

Also we were treated by the return of singer Ogechi Ibe who has moved to the Springfield Mass area and doesn’t get to sing with us to often these days. She is always great to work with- she has some BIG Ears- and I don’t mean dumbo- we are talking harmony! Jessica Lewis sang soprano back up and was great as always; Johnny V. rocked the house on guitar, Kenny Hester on bass guitar and my beloved Ralph on keys. We debuted “Love Life Like I Should” with the band- it went well, except that we’d never rehearsed it and I decided to throw Johnny and solo so we all weren’t sure how it was coming back in! And silly me- I wanted to give props to Johnny after his solo in “Standin on a Rock” and in the midst of the applause lost my lyrics to the climax bridge! Life in the fast lane- I’ll bet the audience didn’t know- but now you do- ’cause you came to the source! That makes you SPECIAL!