So did I tell you we are building a new recording Studio?!!!!
The new Studio has siding!
Jharck Records hasn’t been recording in “The Shed” really ever, but we are graduating from a home studio created out of our old garage to a new studio built as a studio from the ground up! And it is exciting (and stressful!).

Actually, we are not only putting in a new live room, state of the art control room, video storage and vocal booth… but upstairs will include a new master bedroom, bath and walk in closet and another bedroom to make room for mother in law! This IS a MAJOR PROJECT!

When all is said and done, everyone in the family will have changed bedrooms, my voice and guitar teaching studio will move and open up a room for the teen rec room… crazy!

So far we have the foundation, basic framing, windows, roof, and most of the siding up… we have broken down walls inside the house and have displaced the kids. Many nights Ralph sleeps in my studio to minimize the early morning hammers against his head!

Breaking thru into the new Addition!
And this is all happening while I continue to teach voice and guitar lessons, do gigs, cart the kids around, lead VBS music etc
Leading Vacation Bible School Worship with help from my kids!
and Ralph continues to work at Berklee, teach online Logic classes, pursue his Masters- and hiking a mountain here and there!
Family hike up Mt Haystack in Franconia Notch
When this is all done we have a few plans and dreams to pursue, God willing of course!

  1. We expect to have a beautiful state of the art studio open for client recording projects!
  2. We plan to record more of our own albums… Ralph is working on an Electronic music album and I have plans for a jazz CD next up.
  3. I dream of starting a production company where we develop, record and promote new Christian artists.
  4. We will take the show on the road on a Musical Missions Tour first to Europe
  5. I will continue to develop my teaching curriculum take that show also on the road and internet, teaching vocal workshops and seminars around the country!

Join us in prayer as we seek God’s face in these plans and dreams. And come record some music once we open the doors to the public later in 2017!