Hi Friends!, Family & Fans!

In mid August I flew my drummer brother Gary in from LA and my bass playing brother drove up from NY, Ralph and I cleared our schedules and we started recording a new album! It was a grueling 3 days of non-stop back and forth figuring out how the songs should go (especially between my brother Chris and I!), singing and playing for sometimes 15 hours a day! But by the end we had recorded 10 new original songs, a favorite hymn and 7 jazz standards!

– And my voice certainly took a beating! Needed some vocal rest for a few days afterward!

Please realize that this was just the “Basics session” though. Chris and Gary played in the main studio (new KIP Studios are open for business now!) while I sang and played guitar in the vocal booth. (We heard each other through headphones).

Ralph was engineering and my son Caleb helped out with set up. We played the songs till we got the final bass and drum tracks. I will re-do my tracks later after we add lead guitars, keys, saxophones, trumpets, strings, back up vocals etc.

By the time we get all those tracks done, mixed, mastered, artwork and pressing… I’d like to have it in hand by April or May 2020.  Still deciding about hard copies.  Almost no one buys CDs- but it looks good to have a product. Should I sell thumb drives in a DVD case? open to marketing ideas! Would you buy that? How about a T-shirt or bag with album art?

The working title is: “Come to Show You Love”- a very Jazzy/Christian cd.

Check out lots of pictures and some videos from the sessions at my Julie Kinscheck Facebook page.

So much else to say… But mostly, please accept my apologies for waiting so long to send you a personal note! Lots of gigs and teaching and life happening this summer! and now it’s fall!

Blessings to you all!

Gary, Ralph, Julie & Chris
Julie in the studio 2