HI All!

Here are the special summer discount lesson packages I am offering for 2012!

Summer Lesson Packages for Adults or kids!

Learn guitar!



I am offering two lesson packages for over the summer- either 4 weeks or 6 weeks beginning the week of July 8- August 17th.  (June lessons are on our normal schedule).

There will be a summer recital on Sunday, August 12th.

Lessons will all be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9;30 am- 6pm. ( except Friday August 3, which will end at 1pm).

Summer Discounts for Adults:

1/2 hour lessons: 4 weeks= $90 (save $10)
                                6 Weeks= $135 (Save $15)
1 hour lessons:    4Weeks= $160  (Save $20)
                               6 Weeks= $225  (Save $25)

Summer Discounts for Kids:

1/2 hour lessons: 4 weeks= $75 (Save $5)
                                6 Weeks= $110 (Save $10)
1 hour lessons:    4 Weeks= $130 (Save $10)
                               6 Weeks= $195  (Save $15)

Please call or email ASAP to secure times!

Learn to sing!

Taking summer lessons will secure your preferred lesson time for the fall. Fall lessons Mon, Thurs, Fri or Sat afternoons.

Students wishing to take a break in the summer please send in a $50 deposit by check  for September to secure your preferred time. Mail to: 5 Eastview Ave, Billerica, MA 01821

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about special situations, Skype lessons ( available if you are out of town- or country) etc.