Our Summer Student Showcase and Recital was a great success. If your child (or Mom or Dad) was on it- BRAVO! I am continually overjoyed by how wonderful my voice and guitar students are in concert!

Once again we performed at the marvelous Bennett Library in Billerica on Sunday July 31 at 4pm.

Students in this show included: Kylie Cadet, Lydia Colon, Caleb and Hannah Kinscheck, Rachel Mathew, Ella McGaunn, Carolyn Santos  all on vocals and Anna Marie Sogade on guitar.

We missed many of our regular students who were off on vacations or visiting relatives in India etc!

Some memorable performance included:

Ella McGaunn singing "Think of Me"

Ella singing “Walking on Sunshine,” “Think Of Me,” and “On My Own”

Kylie and the girls singing “Voice of Truth”

Lydia, Rachel, Carolyn & Kylie "Voice of Truth"









Carolyn covering Taylor Swift’s Tear Drops on My Guitar”

Anna Marie playing guitar on “Smoke on the Water” and others (only a short time after starting to play!)



And a cast of kids singing on “Building on the Rock” from the play Once Upon a Parable.


Of course I enjoyed singing some songs, too as usual- these included the bluesy “Summertime,” Nicole Nordeman’s “Legacy” and my own “Time to Call Mom.”

Julie Kinscheck singing "Legacy"

It was a great time had by all!