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Special Invitational Worship Jammed!

Special Invitational Worship Jammed! Last Sunday the Northern Region Praise band and team took the stage at the Lawrence High School Auditorium to lead worship. I am so blessed to play in this group! We played many songs- among them were "You Are Good" by Isreal Houghton, "Shout to Lord" and "At the Cross" from Hillsong, "Mighty to Save"- the Newsboys version and more! We even got to pull in a wonderful Latin percussionist and a Spanish singer from "open the Eyes of My Heart" in English and Spanish. I had spent time teaching and directing "You Are Good" with children to sing around Thanksgiving- and I finally got our band leader, Bryan, hooked in to do it with the adult band! It jammed! So joyful! I also got to do the lead vocal part on "Shout to the Lord"! I love that song! I can really give it my heart! The service was inspiring, the worship powerful- and there were 2 baptisms to make it a perfect Sunday! If there was a downside- it is trying to get up at 5:30- something our bodies don't do easily! But God gave us the strength! To Him be the glory.

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