I just finished leading some 20 students in two Spring Recitals!  They were a grand success!

The first show was on Monday, June 4th at the Calvary Chapel in Chelmsford. This show was led by my friend and boss Sueci Carmichael, owner and lead piano instructor at BLT music in Billerica. There were 3 hours of performers on drums, guitar, bass, piano, Ukeleli and voice! (Was there a flute player, too?) Amongst this grand crew were 6 of my private voice and guitar students from BLT. There performances went well from “I Believe in Love” and “I’m a Believer” (accompanied by Jen) from little Alicia, to “You’ve Got a Friend” and “The Rose” on voice and guitar by Corrina (and several other songs), “The Saints Go Marching in” in harmony on guitar by Ritchie and some Adele plus by the boisterous Meredyth!

Brian McLay on Guitar at BLT recital

Another super cool thing at this show was that also performing was another guitar teacher: Brian. Now get this! I was Brian’s guitar teacher- I started him off through Billerica Recreation and then he studied with me privately for two or three years… now he is a teacher! For any teachers out there- isn’t that a thrill?

Alex & Julie after BLT recital sp 2012

But my favorite moment was Alex singing “What I did for Love” in memory of her mother who passed away from cancer this year- wow!  We ended the show with “There’s No Business Like Show Business” as a group! Lots  of fun and a job well done!






Next came my home studio Spring recital on Saturday June 9th, at the Congregational Church in Billerica, generously offered by my friend and voice student Katherine Adams who is the minister there. We had a largest turn out of any of my home recitals so far!

Anna Marie, Sarah, Kylie, Cheyenne, Julie-Rock Around the Clock

This was a great production! New students and veterans took the stage in solo and many group combinations! Rebecca sang “Open the Eyes of My Heart” in English accompanied by Anna Marie on guitar with Lydia chiming in to sing the verse and chorus in Spanish! Cheyenne also sang in her native tongue with “Edelweiss” from the Sound of Music in English and German! Jordon also shared “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music and did a tremendous job on the Nora Jones hit “Don’t Know Why!”

I had two students sing original song which they had written (with a little songwriting help from the teacher) – Sarah sang her beautiful praise song “The Price He Paid” and Lydia sang “Future Light” and the adorable “What Am I Gonna Do With You” that she had written fro her baby brother! ok everyone- “AAAAAWWWW!”

Other fun moments included 2nd grade Elsa singing “Over the Rainbow”

Elsa in Split!

, Rachel singing “Castle on a Cloud”, Rebecca singing “The Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night” and Lydia leading a troupe of girls in “I Believe in Love” from the movie Mirror, Mirror!   Another group number was “There’s No Business like Show Business” – this time in harmony!   Kylie Cadet brought the house down with her rendition of “How You Live” – wow! Didn’t know she had it in her!

Kylie working the crowd!

And her many fans in the audience were thrilled! She also took us home by leading our finale od “Rock Around the Clock!” with all the singers and guitarists on stage!

Rebecca, Anna Marie, Kylie, Sarah & Cheyenne Spring Recital 2012

And of course the teacher, and her kids, always does a few things: This time Hannah sang “This Land is Your Land” with grand flair and she joined Caleb on “Above All” but unfortunately, Caleb had yelled too much at Field day the day before at school and had lost his voice! Instead of just letting Hannah hit the notes he couldn’t hit that day- he decided to just sing a different not he could reach= and it wasn’t always in the key! A bit embarrassing for the teacher- oh, well!

Hannah- thumbs up!




Ralph and I followed the twins with a song Ralph and I wrote out Ralph’s love for the kids called “Nothing Like the Love”… we also played “Hope Faith  Love” later in the show. They both are new- debut for the first one- not perfect by a long shot… but I am very excited about them and the new CD.  Did I say we are recording lead guitar tracks this coming week!

Ralph and Julie!

Of course we had lots a food at intermission and so many guests that it all got eaten! And thank you again to all who helped clean up- especially the Banks family who stayed to the very end- and always Will Cox who ran sound- again!

Please see blogs about summer lessons and songwriting workshops!

Thanks for supporting music in Billerica!