Today we returned for Georgia- what a lovely time we had. It was so good to escape the construction in my home and the lingering flu germs and the regular grind of life!

We were really there in Fitzgerald- about three hours from Atlanta, for a family reunion for Ralph’s side of the family- but for musicians with a mission, every trip is an opportunity to play- even when you are still recovering from the flu!

In between chasing butterflies (literally! I even had one on my head at Calloway Gardens! See pictures on my Facebook!) and walking through the enchanted hills and forests with family and friends- we got to play some music for the community at Pine Ridge.

We played some worship music and “Always Kiss Good Night” (Which we had played for Ralph’s sister Ingrid’s wedding) and “Get in the water” was requested. The microphone didn’t want to work consistently- and it was a lav- and I was tipping my head precariously in order to get to it- then Hannah jumped on my back! WHAT!? and I nearly fell over… This is life as a performer with six year old twins! Ralph couldn’t hear me well… but somehow we pulled it off and people seemed to enjoy it. Yikes! Can anything ever be easy?

Then we wanted Hannah to do her talent show performance and she was terrified! She eventually did it- but nothing like she had done it at her elementary school- how will she do in the Town Wide Show tomorrow back in Billerica?

But thanks to the warm breezes and always the Lord- the trip[ was very enjoyable.