Our Night Of HOPE-Billerica Concert and Fundraiser is THIS SUNDAY night at 7pm at the Bennett Library in Billerica!


This will be an incredibly special and elegant evening!
We have wonderful artists performing, Moving speakers from HOPE worldwide and The Billerica Boys and Girls Club and fantastic food planned!

Funds raised will help to save lives in Central America and meet the desperate needs of a family here in Billerica!

I am excited to hear Dr. Milton and Debbie Drakes and Ilona Sewelll Share about their experiences on the medical missions to Honduras and Guatemala! They tell amazing stories of children who have never seen a doctor. Some got eye glasses for the first time and all of a sudden could see; some had broken limbs that were never set properly and now had the first chance to live a normal life. Some lives were saved by simple antibiotics that we take for granted!

I am also excited to hear from Patty from the Boys and Girls Club of Billerica who will share about the family in Billerica who will receive our help. It feels so good to know we will be helping a neighbor. As I spoke with Roy Nagi, the director of the Boys and Girls Club, I was so impressed by all the help they give Billerica families!

Ok- and this will be a show! My band is playing– we rehearsed this week- things are sounding good! My husband Ralph is playing some sweet sounds on his keyboards, Kenny is funky as ever on the bass and Brian is really impressing me on his electronic drums. Johnny V will join us Sunday, too- and anyone who has seen him knows he can work magic on his guitar! I’ve got back up singers Melanie Singh, Jessica Lewis and Diana Wick as well- they add so much to my music! You should hear them on my new song “I’m a Mess!”

I can’t wait to share some new songs with you! I am dying to put out a new CD- just trying to work out when Chris and Gary Gibbons can come in from LA and New (my brothers on bass and drums) and record in out new studio here at the house!

Night of Hope Poster

Other artists  to look forward to on Sunday night are RIA- a fantastically talented teen vocalist with a record contract; Kasia Sokalla- a jazz singer from Poland with a beautiful voice; Dana Schmitz doing some great classic rock and Alan Roscoe bringing on the Josh Groban!

And there have been so many volunteers helping out! I am so pleased! We have AMAZING food planned, too.

Finally, Gail Scott-Key is hosting! You can’t do better than that! She is co-host of Hollywood New England and Cape Cod Lifestyles; she has had rolls in several movies,too. She will be a real treat!

I sure hope you can come help me make a difference! If you do- please park in the new Billerica library and walk the three doors back to the Bennett. It is the quaint red building on the corner of River and Concord Ave.

7pm time to party for HOPE worldwide!