Hi Folks!

After some consideration we decided “KGV” wasn’t the perfect name for our new band- besides- though Chris and Gary Gibbons (my incredible talented brothers) do play on the two most recent CD’s- and they were the “G” in KGV- until we have a lot more doe- they can’t usually fly in from NY and LA for gigs- so Ralph and I were felling we were leaving our fantastic live bass and drummers (Kenny and Brian or Tom) out of the mix- which might not have fired them up much….

SOOOO-  We need a different name- What should it be?  We play a mix of Christian pop/ rock/ and folk jazzy country… (wow that was a mouth full!) and want a name that will work for church related events or the corner rock club…

The Nameless band!

One idea I had was “Metanoia” – but there’s already a band out making records with that name.  I also like “City on A Hill”… maybe. We are all about shedding light…

What do you think?

Contest: If you come up with the name we use on the up coming CD- we give you credit on the liner notes and send you 10 CD’s to give to friends and family when it’s out!

Put a comment here or email me at Julieksings@hotmail.com

OK- Contest on!