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Light Has Come! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Light Has Come! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hi Friends, Family and Fans!

As I write this I just finished watching: Mr. Holland’s Opus (and balling my eyes out!)  You remember that movie, right? It’s about this musician/ composer who becomes a music teacher because he needs a steady income for a while and “life happens” and he ends up working there for 30 years. He has to struggle with priorities as his son is severely special needs (90%deaf) and putting his dreams on hold indefinitely.  I can so relate to many of his struggles and fears. He gets laid off and thinks he never made a difference, never wrote a hit… was disillusioned, when all his past and present students came back to show him what a difference he made in their lives. Wow!

What really is the purpose of our lives? What really matters? Are we missing the treasures in our daily walk? Am I missing the people I could effect, am affecting now? Do I have my eyes so focused on the future that I miss the wonders God is doing right now?


How does all this fit in with Christmas and new years?

"For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

- Written first by God through Isaiah the prophet, then later again as part of Handel's Messiah oratorio. But the verdict is the same: "Light has come into the world..." John 3:19

This could be a sermon for my wonderful ladies at the Woburn Benchmark Assisted living where I sing once a month... 2053C442-FFE7-48EF-89F2-A02E884CABCB  but it is for all of us!  

But what do we do about it?  Music can be a big part of it and it touches our souls! My good friend Morgan Minsk


Morgan Minsk & Julie Kinscheck, See Joe Galeota on drums and Chris Costello on bass in the background

has a degree in music therapy and recently shared with me how participating in group music actually stimulates a sense of well being! It releases endorphins into our brain! Is that cool or what?!

I am super blessed to do music all the time! We sing Christmas Carols like I did LOTS this year with my a cappella band The Harmony Jewels! 0A242D57-DD48-4EDD-817E-F222A558A9EC

That's fun and certainly shares the Christmas spirit! Or we sing with lots of children like I do a couple days a week at the St. Ann’s Home School! Kids understand the joy of Christmas!  I sang for a 3 year old birthday party recently- and this one little boy of 7 was there requesting "Joy to the World" and other traditional favorites! A2097B73-5A64-4C70-8B64-F71D1511BB50Wow! The kids I lead in my school choir at the St. Ann's Home, even my private students that just sang their student Christmas Showcase at a nursing home, image001are all enjoying the power of music to bring joy this time of year!

 But is that all? Some people are kinder this time of year. They are more generous to charity. We have a tradition with my Dad to give to a charity as each other's Christmas gift. At first I didn't love the idea (I am ashamed to say) 'cause I do like opening a present!  But now I have come to love it. Some years I have given to Heffer International (Give some chickens to a poor family etc) or to an animal shelter. My Dad usually supports my beloved HOPEworldwide on my behalf. This year, however,  I discovered that the charity where I sponsor our child in poverty, Compassion International, has a division helping out (protecting) kids most likely to ending up in human trafficking! Yikes! 

Of course we give gifts to our friends and loved ones. I am so blessed to have so many people I dearly love and would like to at least give a card to!IMG_4786 Thank you for all the love you've shown me and my family in 2019 and well before!

 Maybe you'd like to give some voice or guitar lessons to someone for the new year? I'd love to sell you a gift certificate! Please go to my Square store!

Gift cards: Order Kinscheck Productions eGift Cards

 But this blog is not about selling me as an artist or a teacher... It's about the light!

 I love what my Aunt Betty wrote in her Christmas letter... she outlined many of the nasty and tragic things going on in the world today and reminded us that the light has come and things can change, grow, get better... hearts can change. 

 Jesus can bring healing, life, forgiveness, truth, peace...  Because there is "Someone to Dry Your Eyes" (The title of one of my new songs on our upcoming CD in 2020!) ere's a sneak preview of just the bass, drums, acoustic guitar and a scratch vocal! CLICK HERE.


Julie in the studio 2

I pray you seek His light in 2020! (and continue to find joy in his creation of MUSIC!)

In 2020 I want to value the blessings right in front of me! Love more deeply, be a better friend- and be content with how the light is shining through what I do - even if I never have a bonafide hit song or get a grammy or have my video go viral or play for stadiums of adoring fans! I will keep teaching music and playing music and writing music!- and maybe have as great or even a greater impact than Mr. Holland!

Hope to see you (or hear from you) soon on that journey!

Happy New Year!!!! God bless you and your family and loved ones!


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