Julie and Cindy Fitzgibbons on Fox News

On Friday the 13th (Not too unlucky for me!) I got up and got my kids off to school, made my husband’s food for the day and put myself together just in time to rush over to the Billerica town green to catch the Fox 25 News Team in action for the last 45 minutes of their weekly Zip Trip!

I boldly approached a woman with a clipboard who looked like she knew what was going on and asked if I could sing on TV. (That was fun in itself!) She told me they were all booked up at this point but maybe they could have the camera swing by and see me singing on the way to another interview…

“Ok, I’ll take what I can get, “I thought. And I gave out some CD’s and set up where the lady suggested.

Next thing I know Cindy FitzGibbons is coming over saying I am in luck because someone canceled and I had time for a short interview and a piece of a song! So that is exactly what happened- of course not all things are perfect- Cindy said to just do the whole song so I started the “Coffee Song” at the beginning- then she cut me off just as I was going to SCAT... oh well… It was a huge blast! And you can see a tini piece of it on the zip trip recap on the Fox News Website!