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Great Concert for Liberty Hill Farm!

Great Concert for Liberty Hill Farm! Last weekend I was honored to sing at Meg Bond's fundraising concert for Liberty Hill Farm in VT. This farm was devastated by hurricane Irene last year and lost their entire crop with which they fed 1500 dairy cows! Thanks to Meg and her efforts, she raiser over 14,000 dollars!!!!!! to feed the cows!!!!!!

Julie singing at Fundraiser

There were silent auctions and even a raffle for two free nights at a resort in Martha's Vinyard! I was one of 8 musical acts for the evening. My set went very well... I was solo that night, but I did invite Lois Lane of the Daily Planets up to join me on my version of "Something to Talk About." I sang "I'm a Mess", "Precious," "Coffee Song", "Something to Talk About" and "Love Life Like I Should." I noticed one woman crying when I shared about my struggles getting pregnant and my joy to have twins. I then had to share about god's timing in it all- how if we had had children when I first wanted them it would have been terrible because of Ralph's health- and that God knew what he was doing!

Jamming "Something to Talk About" with Lois Lane

The other acts were great. Lois Lane was backed up by a pull together group and sang some favorite covers with her powerful soulful voice. The Liberty Bell Choir wowed me with their variety of 40's standards with tons of personality- loved them! It was a fantastic night! Congratulations Meg!
  1. Julie! Thank you so much for helping to make the VT fundraiser a great success! (And just to clarify, there are 100 milking cows and 150 “young stock”! 🙂 It costs $2500 to feed one cow for a year, and with their year’s supply of feed demolished in the flooding, they are certainly in dire straits. So I’m very happy that we were able to at least put a dent in their debt!

    Anyone can go to the Facebook page: “VT Flood Relief for LHF” and click on the “photos” link on the left and see pictures from the fundraiser, as well as photos of the devastation in VT following Irene, which occurred on Aug. 28, 2011.

    Thanks again for your wonderful contribution of music for the cause!
    With love & gratitude,
    Meg Bond

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