Last weekend was so inspiring! I had  the honor of taking part in a Worship workshop weekend with Chicago based Worship leader: Dave Eastman. He truly has a gift for pointing those around him upward toward the Almighty.

Both Friday night and Saturday morning he taught us from the Word and his experience how to deepen our personal worship. He gave us permission from the psalms and many new testament scriptures as well to worship freely- to life holy hands in prayer or song. He encouraged us to not tolerate but embrace each  other’s favorite worship music and to give our hearts to it.

Then we rehearsed. Even the rehearsals were fantastic times of worship. By the time we got to the service on Sunday, my heart was primed and soft. The high point for me was as we sang “At the Cross” from Hillsong before communion, as the tears flowed down my cheeks in waves of emotion. There was nothing contrived here- I was weeping in gratefulness to me Father in heaven and my savior. I was in awe of the legions of angels rejoicing with us. Back stage after that set of music it seemed the whole front row of chairs was scrambling for tissues.

This weekend we all got to taste worship of a new depth. Nourishing, satisfying, renewing, powerful. It engulfed my senses and reached into the yearning places within and filled them with sweet warmth.

If you long for that fulfillment, and have not known it- or wish to return there- let’s have a conversation. We can grow together in this quest.

I spent many years as a musician seeking that satisfaction through music ( and the men that I played it with), then I got to know God and sought it in prayer and bible study and found the lonely places closing- but a yearning still there- then, only in recent years, I began to discover the healing power of worship. When the word, prayer, worship and sweet feloowship come together- we are getting mighty close to heaven!