I get to sing in a really great concert this coming Saturday , September 15th at 7:30–   It is called the Concert of HOPE– not to be confused with “The Night of HOPE” that I put together last year- (which was also great!)

From Night of HOPE 2011

Hope Worldwide New England

This concert will also support HOPE worldwide- but it is an “All church” event from the Boston Church of Christ headed up by the world renowned percussionist Joe Galeota. Other great musicians playing include Dan Keys, and blind blues man named Louis and many others.

I get to play with my band KGV- it’s most of the normal live cast: Ralph (of course), Kenny on Bass, Brian on drums, Diana Wick and Jessica Lewis on Back up vocals- some visiting vocal help coming from the talented Jim Cafarella and Christine Arsenault.

The unfortunate missing person is our wonderful, soulful lead guitarist, John Vicaire. We will miss him this show! He moved two hours away and sometimes just can’t make it. It is heartbreaking!

We plan to do some more material from the new album coming out: “Hope Faith Love” and “Let My Light Shine”.

I will have CD’s for pre-sale at the event.

The address is 214 Concord Rd (The Framingham building) in Framingham. Refreshments will also be on sale there.

Tickets are $10 adults and $5 kids

Julie from San Antonio Showcase

Julie from San Antonio Showcase

Tickets can be purchased from band members- At church services… now also available on line at my webstore: www.julieksings.com/store

I hope you can come!