Yesterday was a very Crazy day! I had the honor of singing some Christmas favorites at the Lowell Auditorium for some 2000 Christmas loving Christians at the Boston Church of Christ Christmas Service.

From there, My little Hannah and I raced to the Calvary Chapel in Chelmsford to perform at the BLT Music School’s Christmas recital. I began teaching there last summer and now have a handful of students

Julie sings "Mary Did you Know"

there on Friday afternoons. Hannah also take Piano there with Miss Sueci. My students all did fine, Ritchie rocked on “Ode to Joy”, Harry literally rocked on “We Will Rock You” by Queen and Kelly did a marvelous job with “Faith” by Lindsey Mac.

I sang three songs to close the program: 1. Mary Did You K now” (Which I love) 2. my original “Love Life Like I Should” and 3. my new version of “Oh, Holy Night”… all went well- people seemed to really enjoy “Love Life Like I should”- with the vocal trumpet solo.

Hannah at BLT piano Recital





But the star of the day was my six year old Hannah. She not only sang and played piano with that most adorable little girl voice- but she got the job to blow up these tiny beach balls that had BLT promo on them and give one to each performer when they finished. She loved her “Job” and bounced up on stage happily after each act! What a little dynamo she is! Everyone told me how cute she was- even though it was all Mama and Daddy could do to keep from shouting out and playing ball through the whole event!