Julie Kinscheck: Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist.....  Queen of Scat!

On a daily basis, she's a soccer Mom (or Kung Fu or Art Class Mom), helping kids with homework, mowing the lawn and teaching her students. But that music which is her lifelong passion, which has taken her to big stages at conventions across the country, to the streets of Europe, to little coffee houses and churches across New England- That Spirit continues to overflow. Julie Kinscheck  plays her own style of inspirational pop-rock, acoustic guitar driven yet infused with groove, blues riffs and sprinkled with sweet harmony and jazz vocal improvisation. A storyteller at heart, she barrows from her folk and country roots to make you laugh, cry, think and feel. At once socially conscious and spiritual, her desire is to "Let Her Light Shine" through her songs  and bring the hope she has found to a hurting world. Her latest  CD: Let My Light Shine  with the band LIFLIGHT  takes this heart a few steps further.   With songs like "Where is the Boy" and "Hope  Faith Love"  you see the lost-ness of a child followed by the light of  new hope.  Her lyrics bring personal stories of love and struggle like the jazzy "He Called", "Coffee Song", and "Grace" or the oft requested "Always Kiss Goodnight;"* And universal themes of growing up, raising a family and facing ourselves as in the tender "Precious," "Nothing Like the Love" and "Memory Lane", the introspective "Waiting on You" or "Martha, Martha," and "Can You Hear Me Now" or the anthem "American Memory". And let's not forget humor! Enjoy clever lyrics and funny stories from Julie's life that you just might relate to! Listen for "Secure In Heart", "I'm A Mess," "EPIC" and "Get in the Water" and more. Women's  Events:   Julie's  music  speaks very  personally  to  the struggles and joys  women  face...  with insecurities,   relationships,    raising   kids   and    keeping   faith. Charity  Events:   "Hope   Faith Love" was  inspired  by the volunteer  work  Julie  and  her husband    Ralph  have done   for  Hope   Worldwide for  over a  decade.  Other songs  like "American Memory" (written after 911) have been used over and over in support of causes to help those  near and far. * Custom Songwriting: Julie enjoys writing custom songs for weddings. Dozens of happy couples have been inspired by a personal love song written and performed by Julie about their own love story. Contact her to learn more and order this special gift for your upcoming wedding! She's even written many songs for specific holidays: "Are We Thankful?" for Thanksgiving, "The Greatest Gift" for Christmas, and "Our Hearts Burned Within Us" for Easter! Teaching: Because of her extensive work teaching music to children, (Go to the "Lessons & Coaching" button on this site for information of private voice/ guitar and songwriting lessons,) both in church and the public schools, there is special attention given in many of her lyrics to the challenges faced by the next generation. Listen for "Colorgate" and "Where is the Boy". Biography: Julie Kinscheck was born Julie Alice Gibbons, daughter of a minister, to a very musical family in the college town of Ithaca, New York. She began writing her own music and singing with her guitar publicly at churches and talent shows at age nine. At that time she was heavily influenced by the talents of Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and the Beatles. At the same time she was soaking in the funky stylings of Earth, Wind and Fire, The Doobie Brothers and Chaka Kahn all played by her brothers' band, Crossroads. After high school she took off on a street musician tour of Europe where she stretched her wings and did things she hopes her daughter never will. From there, Julie went to hone her skills in composition and arranging at Oberlin Conservatory. While there she discovered vocal jazz! She loved to SCAT sing, learning from heroes like Bobby McFerrin, Manhattan Transfer and Ella Fitzgerald, and began integrating improvisation into her folk style. She eventually transferred to Berklee College of Music in Boston where she achieved her Bachelor of Music, cum laude on a full scholarship, and received various vocal and songwriting awards. At Berklee she also met her future husband, and collaborator, keyboardist Ralph Kinscheck and a mutual friend who consistently invited both Ralph and Julie to his church. Neither were interested at the time in church- or becoming friends. It took six years and several miracles to bring Julie to Christ- then another miracle to bring Ralph to the same arts ministry- where they met again and fell in love! As Julie went after making a living in music, she immersed herself for a time in the pop sounds of Bonnie Raitt, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, and Whitney Houston; later she took a ride on the country tide, covering hot country singers like Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Jamie Evans and Shania Twain. Some have compared Julie to Sheryl Crow, or Edie Brickell, but better. Having played in many original and cover bands over the years, she can cover most anything and knows how to please a crowd. She was even the musical director of the all woman a cappella gospel/ jazz group: Faith in Action for several years, collaborating with  Bobby McFerrinthe Boston Ballet and others. In 2006 this group released: Faith In Action Live, a fun and yet worshipful a cappella CD. Finally, after stints with Christian and cover bands: Rescue Squad, Centerpiece, Sound Doctrine and Main Attraction, Julie recorded a Christian Rock CD for Kids with the band PTB, produced by Ralph. This CD, The Force, came out of the love and leadership Ralph and Julie poured into the music ministry for the Preteens in the Boston Area. Along the way God pulled Julie through struggles with infertility, mothering twins, fears from a stalker, financial challenges, church transitions and career insecurities... all can be found in her songs. In  2008, in  between caring for 4 year old twins,  she released her first solo artist CD: Grace With Jazz On Top which was a dream come true. This took her away from the club scene and off to sing at conferences around the country and Canada playing for audiences of hundreds and thousands.  Several of  the songs  were theme songs  for women's events such as "Secure in Heart" inspired by Author  Robin Weidener's book by the same title.  Her  song "Precious" about her then yet  unborn twins spoke to mothers and all those who value life. Cuts  from this release played on thousands of mostly international radio stations and "Coffee Song" charted #37  on the  country charts in Austria. Her most recent release, Let My Light Shine,  came like a musical child-birth. Most of the songs  were co-writes with her husband Ralph and performed with him, her two brothers on bass and drums and a good friend, John Vicaire on lead  guitar with challenges at every turn.   But after two years in production, at last it went live everywhere on January  15th,  2014! Julie Kinscheck is a unique blend of heart and harmony, with a passionate yet relatable stage manner making her a favorite for audiences of all ages. Join this soulful songbird's dream to change the world heart by heart, starting with a song.
" She's got a great voice... you'll love Julie..." - Metronome Magazine "We love her artistry! That's why we come back every week to hear her!" - Larry, a fan