Just a quick note to tell everyone what an amazing, moving, magical, spiritual, enriching, exhausting, wonderful week we had recording basics for our next CD!!!

It all happened at our newly refurbished home studio: KIP Productions, home of Jharck Records in Billerica, MA from March 21-25, 2012.  Present were Ralph Kinscheck on Keys and cheif engineer-producer, Gary Gibbons on drums (in from LA, CA), Chris Gibbons on bass (up from Dryden, NY), Johnny V Vicaire on lead guitar and of course me on lead vocal and acoustic guitar! Also here was my Mom. POlly, feeding us and taking care of our twins0 an essential job indeed!

Polly Joan (Mom) with Caleb and Hannah

Since tomorrow is Easter, and we are playing and have to get up at some crazy early hour to go set up and sound check at church, let me just say that it was exciting!  I surrendered creative control to my husband Ralph and God truly blessed it! We worked together like a charm and all five of us contributed greatly to the outcome!

In the end (after some technical difficulties that nearly stopped our progress!) we gave birth collectively to a SLAMMIN’ CHRISTIAN ROCK CD!  I can’t wait till we have finished all the over dubs and can play some cuts for you!

There are many co-written song on here by both Ralph and I – and even one re-make of a song from the Force CD: “Can You Hear Me Now” – much better than the first version… got to say- my brothers can groove!

We think the new CD will be called: Hope Faith Love, after one of our new songs.

Maybe we’ll even have it out by the Summit in San Antonio! That would be so exciting!

I will keep you posted!

Chris, Gary, Julie, Ralph, Johnny at Hope Faith Love Sessions