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Recording of New CD Begins!

Recording of New CD Begins! We are making a follow up CD!!!!! Recording begins at Jharck Records (Our studio!) on March 21st, 2012! (God willing!) My amazing drummer brother Gary Gibbons

Gary in the studio

will be flying in from LA; my funky bass brother Chris Gibbons

Chris in the studio on Grace With Jazz On Top CD sessions

will be driving up from Ithaca NY (with my Mom to help with the kids!),        

John V jammin' on Grace With Jazz On Top CD release concert

our bluesy lead guitarist John (Johnny V) Vicaire will be joining us from beyond Springfield; my handsome and talented hubby Ralph Kinscheck

Ralph, chief engineer for Grace With Jazz On Top

will be playing keyboards and engineering and yours truly will be singing and playing her little heart out!!!       I am SUPER excited! I have LOTS of great new songs I am dying to share with you and Ralph and I are working on some co-writes, too for the CD! There is much pre-production work to do... picking the songs and writing charts, finishing the studio wiring and testing the drum mics etc! Choosing the photographer, graphics- oh my! And the COST! The good news is we did sell quite a few of the first CD- though we still have a few left (get them before they're gone!)Click here to purchase

Grace CD Cover

But we could use all the help we could get to get this next project off the ground- starting with paying for the Drummer's airfare to Boston!!!! If you are a fan and have the ability to help out- any small bit is appreciated!!!! And keep us in your prayers to create the most wonderful (and marketable) CD- that will be excellent, heart moving and glorifying to our God! "Apart from me you can do nothing"- Jesus John 15:5 in Joy! Julie

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